Simply a character using high Ranged and Defence levels

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Range Pure. Another One Defence Pure that specializes in OSRS gold Ranged combat style. Players who had selected to be a ranger often also level Strength and Attack abilities in order that they will have the ability to equip items such as Dragon Dagger or Granite Maul. Though those things don't fit to a ranged weaponry, they're chosen because of this. The goal of this construct is to perform high levels of constant damage while surprising your enemy using a special attack of Dagger or Maul when he's at low health. It's a trendy construct used by many players because of high attack and surprise element.

Range Tank. Simply a character using high Ranged and Defence levels. Obtaining additional points in Defence lets those players use Barrows equipment. They generally also aim for at least 94 Magic to throw Vengeance during a fight.

Dragon Pure. It is a member's version of Rune Pure. As dragon tier objects require 60 Defence and 60 Attack, those stats are essential to get Dragon Pure. People who want to add even more spice for this build may also go for Dragon Claws special attack.

Barrows Pure. Last but not least, we have a Barrows account on this list. Just as its name saysit uses the Barrows gear, which requires 70 Defence. Attack and Strength levels also must be raised so the player will have the ability to wear things like Dharok's greataxe. Many gamers who choose this path for their accounts are maining them. It means that they also use PvE content and cheap RS gold other attributes than battle skills.