Reward Casket (medium) Moderate Clues are probably most frequent one

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Reward Casket (medium) Moderate Clues are probably most frequent one of the RuneScape community as they have good rewards rather than OSRS gold that high demands. One of many items you can find in them, the many notable drop that warrants recognition is the set of Ranger Boots. Although medium clues don't have that many high priced benefits as simple scrolls, they've a much better opportunity at Ranger Boots than Easy Casket has on Cape of Skulls.

On top of that, you will get more benefits for opening Medium Casket than you would for an Easy one (which means you can expect things like protect h3, protect h2, or helm h3). Besides Ranger Boots on a exceptional fall list, you can also find Spiked Manacles that price more than 1 million. The rest of the rewards are not as precious as both of these items.

Reward Casket (hard) Though it has quite a similar unique drop table in terms of worth to Medium Casket - from hard difficulty, you have an opportunity at roll out of the mega-rare table. You can receive a number of extremely expensive things such as 3rd Age Equipment and Gilded Parts with the worth of tens or even hundreds of millions (like 3rd Age Platebody). Additionally, items from a exceptional drop table are valuable as there are just four that price more than 1 million gold. In addition to that, you receive more rolls at rewards with a Difficult Clue than using a Medium One, so in general, those scrolls should give better drops. The difference between this casket and the previous one is that you've got greater odds of getting Gilded drops and a small bit smaller opportunity for Third Age items.

Reward Casket (master) Last but not least, we have the best possible Reward Casket that you are able to get from a Clue Scroll. In this one, even from the normal drop table, players may get many different very expensive items. Since you casket of this tier have approximately 1 million in benefits value, you should see there things from cheap RuneScape gold over 100k gold range very often. The quantity of inexpensive equipment is less wide, and because of this, in general, you can make a high gain from Master Caskets. Players may also receive unique and mega-rare drops just as in prior cases.