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It was NA also it was among the sg sale packages and people are not tradeable. This was back in late May. The Tylor Replica sets.

Blank Text Box When Opening Meseta pso2

I've just updated the game and that I tried opening it to perform with. After skipping the cut scene in the beginning, and hitting the main screen, I was met with a blank text box, presumably a login prompt.However, as there is nothing on it, I can't login. Anything I can do to fix this issue so that I can play the game? I downloaded the match via the windows shop on PC.

Best bet is to simply restart your computer and try again.

It looks like you are not logged into the Windows Store/Xbox program. Log into that and try again.

Currently trying to start the Xbox App on my pc and it is not loading... could be this tbf Edit: Attempting to login on the xbox program and the sign in button simply isn't doing anything...

In case you have a VPN on turn it off for 5 mins and try again. I get this all the time when I have my VPN on.

I don't have a VPN on, however I did have to do some thing to download the game from the NA windows store as I am in the UK. My bf who did exactly the same thing has no problems atm though so that I do not believe it was that

Hmm, well it's that the Xbox app looking for your user login to playwith. If you have a brand new account I'd just download it from steam. You have been warned.

Would you know if I'll have the ability to connect my steam account to my pre-existing pso2 account? I really don't wanna Buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta have to eliminate everything and restart again.