We are dealing with a problem that's extremely vast and

We are dealing with a problem that's extremely vast and


We are dealing with a problem that's extremely vast and, most of all, negatively impacting our game in various ways despite our efforts and OSRS Gold good intentions. We continue to combat bots on all fronts. We are working to be more transparent and transparent about some initiatives and measures that we have announced or are soon to be releasing.

Recently, we've upgraded our internal systems to ensure we can detect messages that are spamming chat and instantly silence the culprit. This stops the continuous flow of messages from gold producers which negatively affects the experience of players. We are grateful for your feedback! Continuing our ongoing legal cases against bot developers.
Validation of email is required for all accounts that are created. This will improve security of accounts and decrease the amount of accounts that are created.

There are many more actions and initiatives that we plan to implement in the next few months. We will keep you informed of these as often as we can. They are among the most crucial. We are also aware that communicating isn't always simple. We're winning fights, but the fight against this issue isn't moving in our direction. Businesses whose sole purpose is the creation of robots to play the game are fighting us. We've learned that something is missing despite our efforts.

This fight is not one that Cheap RuneScape Gold can be won by ourselves. Your assistance is crucial. What can you do to assist us? We'd like to hear your suggestions regarding how we can defeat bots. To better understand bots, we'll be conducting surveys. We would appreciate your feedback.