What is the position of the New World in MMORPG?

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The public beta version of Amazon's upcoming MMORPG New World has recently come to an end. Although it is generally well-received, considering that many MMORPGs have matured in a few years, many fans of this genre want to know if there is room for the new world.

More than twenty years ago. Blizzard effectively established the MMORPG genre through World of Warcraft. Since then, many other games of this type have appeared. Not all games are successful. It is extremely difficult to build a brand new game with brand new IP. New World is trying to do this, using Amazon's cash flow and community hype.

The biggest aspect that distinguishes the new world from other games of its kind is its gameplay. Unlike the traditional auto-locking and aiming skills in World of Warcraft, the new world seems to pay more attention to action and requires players to aim steadily. This action-centric gameplay combined with PvE and large-scale PvP content can create some truly exciting moments.

New World focuses on community interaction and payment structure through its skill-based combat. Distinguish yourself from other games in the same category. Experienced and old fans will suggest that novice players go to https://www.mmoso.com/new-world-coins to make preparations before the game. Every successful MMORPG accomplishes these things differently, and the new world seems to be trying to follow this trend.