I rather want the game had a cooking system or something

I rather want the game had a cooking system or something


I am best friends with Apple and Aurora (got their images ). To be honest, I can't remember them asking lots favors. The only ones I get are Animal Crossing Bells the occasional"can you deliver this apology to someone" stuff. I remember in the past it was a lot more regular.

Just because folks are complaining doesnt mean they dont like animal crossing matches, that's a false equivalency. I love the AC series but this one just felt as fuck...

Hollow is a great way to describe it.

It seems only from reading all the comments like the people who love New Horizons and don't have any complaints are individuals who discovered Animal Crossing either with this particular game or with pocket camp.

Dude, the most outspoken critics and the best remarks ARE people who enjoy monster crossing games. Half the time they bring up older AC games with more functionality/features. Read the damn remarks rather than skimming.

Decorating stuff is most likely the most fleshed out part of it however it is rather delayed satisfaction, whereas playing or chatting with your villagers is content that is more immediately in front of you.

I rather want the game had a cooking system or something? AC wouldn't ever work as a farming game, of course, but I wish there was more purpose to this fruit and stuff. Maybe certain villagers like particular dishes or you could make food for parties or something.

Spoilers if you don't want to know about potential future content upgrades, but dataminers have found code that is apparently related to growing veggies and some kind of cooking (DIYs maybe?) . I don't know the full details, but that was posted some time ago, and I'd guess it would be coming around the time of the Harvest Festival if that is still a thing.

Yessss. Yeah a lot of these baseline features and gameplay seems like it might support a feature like this, resource collecting and recipes , so it does not seem like a massive jump. If this does turn into something I would be cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells so happy.