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Xinxuo B37 Japanese Damascus Steel 73 Layers Powder Steel Kitchen Paring Knife

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The XinZuo Lan B37 paring knife hails from the hub of traditional knives craftsmanship, the Chinese knife city of Yangjiang. This world-renowned city has produced some of the best knives for centuries. Their expert knowledge in the art of making and machining knives is passed down by local grand local masters from generation to generation. Each XinZuo knife is unique due to the precision of the hand crafting.


Paring knives are a useful tool for home chefs. They're great for making tiny, precise cuts in fruits and vegetables, deveining shrimp, and they're perfect to have on hand if you're entertaining at home because you can cut small wedges of citrus peel for cocktails. Any fine work that needs to be done is perfect for this knife.