How To Complete The Maven's Questline in Path Of Exile

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With over 195,000 very positive reviews on Steam, Path of Exile is one of the best free-to-play action RPGs in the video game industry. That's because Path of Exile has near-endless character customization options and tons of quests to keep most gamers busy for hours on end. You can POE Currency Buy at MMOSO.

One quest line that is sure to test the steel of any die-hard Path of Exile player is the Maven quests. That's because, throughout the questline, players will have to fight several high-level bosses to reach Maven. However, starting and completing The Maven questlines can be a little tricky, so players will want to follow this guide to see what to do.

How to start Maven Quest

To start The Maven Quest, players need to meet an NPC named The Envoy (see picture). However, to find The Envoy players, search on the yellow map (T6+). Once found, the Envoy will ask the player to kill the current map boss (they can be easily knocked down by any solo class), which will drop the Specialist's Beacon. (In permanent alliances, envoys will give experts' beacons without needing to kill the boss).

Players must use beacons to upgrade their map device (obtained after completing Act 7, The Temple of Sin). The map device now has a button that summons Maven, making her appear on the map. However, players don't have to fight her yet, instead, they need her to witness them kill the three bosses of each level.

Defeat the Boss and enter Maven's Forge

Once players summon the Maven using The Maven's Beacon, they will need to defeat a certain number of bosses on various level maps. Maven will then give the player The Maven's Invitation: The Atlas, teleporting them into Maven's Forge.

Inside Maven's Crucible, POE players must defeat multiple bosses simultaneously to progress to the next step in The Maven's questline. Players need to repeat these steps multiple times (each time harder) before reaching Maven. It is recommended to use the Slayer Super Cyclone Build or the Assassin Freezing Pulse Build as both are considered overpowering builds. Below is a diagram that breaks down the steps:

Tier Map, Number of Map Bosses, Number of Crucible Bosses, Area Level

6+, 3, 3, 73
8+, 4, 4, 75
10+, 5, 5, 78
12+, 6, 6, 80
14+, 10, 10, 83

Players must remember to summon Maven before attempting to kill any map bosses, as the quest will only take place when Maven is present.

How to fight the insider

Before players can fight The Maven, they need to collect 10 Crescent Splinters. However, crescent shards will only drop from Crucible area level 83, which means players will need to farm this Crucible area multiple times. Once players have acquired 10 Crescent Fragments, they can craft Maven's Writ (Maven's Writ has a small chance to drop from the Crucible area at level 83), an item that allows players to fight Maven in the Crucible.

Maven will be very challenging, but a well-built Scion Class can hold her well against her. After defeating The Maven, the quest will be complete, but players can fight her again as long as they have The Maven's Writ. has been selling POE currency for a long time, and judging from the comments on the website, many players enter the website for transactions. Most of them are positive. Maybe these are more secure. You can Buy POE Currency and POE PC items at