How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Screaming Tails Won Regional Championships

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet VGC Series 2 are underway, and changes to the availability of certain mons have shaken up the meta in drastic ways. The biggest of these changes is the inclusion of Paradox Pokemon in VGC Series 2 among the legal monsters available for competitive play, which were previously banned in VGC Series 1. While many players expected Paradox Pokemon like Flutter Mane and Iron Hands to dominate the tournament meta, it was Scream Tail that helped secure the Orlando Regional Tournament. PKMBuy Sell Shiny Pokemon.

Paradox Pokemon are some of the most powerful new creatures ever added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and players are expecting them to join the competitive meta by preparing builds for some of the most powerful past and future forms. The most used Paradox Pokemon in the current meta are Flutter Mane, Iron Hands, Roaring Moon, and Iron Bundle, so it was a surprise when a team with Screaming Tail at their core won the recent Orlando Regional Championship. Scream Tail didn't do much for the player, but the Perish Song strategy used to win the regional championship proved hard to beat.

A Former World Champion Showed Scream Tail's Full Potential

2016 VGC World Champion Wolfe Glick is the Orlando Regional Champion of VGC Series 2 and owner of the aforementioned Scarlet and Violet Scream Tail team. The former champion turned YouTuber utilizes Scream Tail's move Perish Song, which forces all monsters on the field to faint after 3 turns unless they quit combat, and uses the Shadow Tag ability with Gothitelle to prevent the opponent's monsters from switching out. The resulting synergy allows him to build a team that benefits from swapping between members while forcing his opponents into the "Perish Trap" coined by Screaming Tails and Gothitelle.

The Scream Tail isn't good at any particular stat, however, it has a decent overall size that can be used to help it take some hits from enemy monsters while surviving long enough to threaten Perish Song. In addition to being used for her Shadow Tag ability, Gothitelle also makes a great teammate for Scream Tail, and can use Heal Pulse to heal her allies in Pokemon VGC's dual battle mode. Additionally, Wolfe's use of Amoonguss as another support mob for Scream Tail helps keep it in play, Rage Powder to draw enemies' attention and attack with its impressive defense stats, and Pollen Puff to heal allies while injuring the opponent.

In addition to these monsters, his team utilizes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Palafin and Arcanine to control opponents. The constant need to replace team members to avoid Scream Tail's Perish Song made it easy to trigger Palafin's zero to hero ability, giving the mon an incredible stat boost from 457 to 650 in his hero form. Arcanine also benefits from frequent switching, with its Intimidate ability reducing the attack stats of opposing monsters every time it switches to combat, and adding a Water Tera type to this mon means it can Terastallize and survive common enemy threats like Dondozo.

While the squad did include Flutter Mane as its final member, it wasn't as useful as the other Paradox Pokemon in the squad. With Scream Tails as the cornerstone of the team, Wolfe managed to control the momentum of the fight, either forcing his opponents to keep switching players to avoid the Song of Perdition, or locking them into doom with Gothitelle's shadow tag. Because of this success, it's likely that Scream Tail's Perish Trap strategy will find its way into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's competing metas.

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