Yes, it is possible to get pregnant in pre-menopause. Understand

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Many women, when they realize that they are starting to enter menopause, soon stop using contraceptive methods.

This happens because acute alcohol intake directly affects the cardiac conduction system, responsible for producing and transmitting the electrical impulses that make the organ contract.

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According to her, the symptom boils down to abrupt palpitations, which, if persistent, can cause clots and thrombi (if the person is prone). However, the cardiac alteration tends to disappear when the individual stops drinking the high doses, leaving no residual heart disease. In addition, the elderly and people who have oversized atria are at even greater risk.

 But if you no longer wish to have children, beware: it is perfectly possible to get pregnant in pre-menopause! "During this period, female hormones are in a 'yo-yo' mode, but the ovaries continue to release eggs", explains gynecologist and obstetrician Rodrigo Ferrarese.