UK to reward green farming practices as costs surge

The UK government will pay farmers in England to use greener fertilisers as global economic shocks send crop-growing costs soaring.


Fertilisers: UK to reward green farming practices as costs surge - BBC News


Charities run by slot oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood and Lord Sainsbury signed over control of the Mulindi factory to two co-operatives at a ceremony in Gicumbi.

The Wood Foundation and Gatsby had owned the plant since it was privatised by the Rwandan government in 2012.

It is the first factory to be 100% owned by smallholder farmers in Rwanda.

The country's economy is overwhelmingly rural and heavily dependent on agriculture.Small-scale farmers represent three-quarters of Rwanda's entire tea production, which contributed $93m (£71m) to the nation's economy in 2020.

The sector engages a direct workforce of 60,000 people and supports the indirect employment of a further 200,000, according to The Wood Foundation.