Superhard Materials Market Size, Growth, Sales Projection, Regional Overview and Insights by 2030

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Growing manufacturing activities across the industrial sector are also projected to drive the product market due to the rising use of superhard materials.

The global market for superhard materials has been studied by Market Research Future (MRFR) to understand the ways in which the global market can chart its future course under the impact of factors. These factors are mostly dependent on the impacts of the end user industries.

However, the high price of products can be an issue for the global superhard materials market size growth.


The global market of the superhard materials would be studied on the basis of segments like type, form, and end users. These three segments have been thoroughly combed for insights that can ensure better growth tactics in the coming years.

By type, the report on the Superhard materials market size can be segmented into cubic boron nitride, diamond, and others. The diamond segment has several applications across industries.

By form, the report on the superhard materials market size can be segmented into polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and composite.

By end users, the report takes a good look at the superhard materials market size by including transportation, oil gas, building construction, chemicals, electrical electronics, mining, and others. The oil gas segment would contribute much as the drilling equipment requires superhard materials for manufacturing.

Regional Analysis:

MRFR has studied the global market for superhard materials in search of growth pockets that can change the market equation in the coming days. Such a prolific understanding has incorporated demographic challenges to make sure that the market players can rely on these dynamics while forming their strategies.

North America would enjoy better market proliferation due to the growing oil exploration activities in countries like the US and Canada, and other offshore regions. The automotive sector is also getting revived due to which the market percolation would be easier. In Europe, the superlative structure of the automotive industry would back the market growth. However, Brexit makes the market a bit dicey.

Key Players:

The key players of the Superhard materials market size are Element Six (Luxembourg), Sandvik AB (Sweden), Iljin Diamond (South Korea), Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co Ltd (China), Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd (Japan), Funik Ultrahard Material Co. Ltd (China), SF Diamond Co Ltd (China), WorldWide Superabrasives LLC (China), Henan Yalong Superhard Materials Co. Ltd (Japan), CR GEMS Superabrasives Co. Ltd (China), and Anhui Hongjing New Materials Co. Ltd (China)

Industry News:

In February 2020, scientists have revealed that using a scanning electron microscope they were able to beam an electric field, which helped in bending diamond to 90 degrees without causing any fracture. This would help several end user industries in moving ahead with their researches.

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