There are additional changes in the RuneScape patch released today

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It's the Yak Track: Path of the Creators II is one of RS Gold the 10th tracks ever made and also the longest duration they've ever seen in RuneScape It has 50 levels which you'll need for two weeks to accomplish. Should you be able to finish this one, you'll capable of netting yourself Elder Gods themed rewards, which include Bik as well as Ful.

It's also possible to change the flexibility this time around, as each level has an "skill as well as kill" option alongside the main task for that level, in order to let you decide what you'd like to advance to finish them. The option to kill and skill isn't as fast, but you'll still be able to complete the level in this way.

There are additional changes in the RuneScape patch released today, such as an updated, temporary model of Senntisten Asylum. This will be implemented for the remainder of the month. The Asylum can accommodate six participants, which means it will be assigned an instance when you're seventh to osrs gold buying get in. The rest are the same as usual, however the facility will be accessible to facilitate flow.