The functional structure of vertical labeling machine

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The article mainly introduces the use, function and structure of the vertical labeling machine to help you understand the vertical labeling machine in depth.

Today, BEILT, a professional labeling machine manufacturer, will introduce the use, function, and structure of the vertical labeling machine to help you understand the vertical labeling machine in depth.

Vertical labeling machine use

The vertical labeling machine is suitable for labeling of round bottles and round objects in various industries. It adopts stepper motor and PLC program control. It can be connected with the printer to output shift production records and realize automatic monitoring of production status.

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Labeling machine classification and use

Vertical labeling machine

The main structure of the vertical labeling machine

The vertical labeling machine mechanism is mainly to complete the transportation of labels and the recovery of the bottom paper. It includes a marking mechanism, stripping plate, pulling tool, and conveying mechanism. The paper feeding mechanism is mainly used for the recovery of the bottom paper. Since the speed of the traction roller driven by the stepper motor remains constant during the labeling process, and the roll radius of the backing paper is constantly expanding, the stepper motor is used to drive the tapered belt that rotates the take-up tray at a variable speed.

Rolled structure. Mainly used to combine the label with the bottle body more tightly. It consists of sponge board and roll tape. The foam board is stationary. Keep the sticker firmly attached to the round bottle.

Vertical labeling machine function description:

1. The whole machine adopts the PLC control system with mature technology so that the whole machine runs stably, the high-speed operating system adopts the touch screen control, and the vertical labeling machine is easy to operate, practical and efficient;

2. The vertical labeling machine adopts the pneumatic coding machine system with advanced technology, and the printed handwriting is clear, fast, and stable;

3. Wide range of applications, a vertical labeling machine can be used for various sizes of round bottle labeling delivery type rolling bottle body so that the label is attached more firmly;

4. The front and rear sections can be connected to the assembly line, and the receiving turntable can also be selected to facilitate the collection, arrangement, and packaging of finished products.

Well, the above is the whole content about the vertical labeling machine that BEILT brings to you. I believe that after reading the whole text, you will have an understanding of the use, function and structure of the vertical labeling machine. More information about the labeling machine can be found here Click below to read:

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