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If the topic being described is one which has been written on before, it should be done in a manner which is different.

If the topic being described is one which has been written on before, it should be done in a manner which is different. Some Topics for the Descriptive Essay Below are a few topics which you can discuss and practice on in order to write an excellent descriptive essay. • A beautiful/worst painting you have ever seen. • Coming face to face with the person you admire the most. • The novel “The Mill on the Floss”. • A memorable day. • The pain of losing a loved one. • The happiness of a brand new mother. These are just some of the topics which you can use to write a descriptive essay. If you look hard enough there will be many descriptive essay topics which you can use to write a good essay. However, before selecting, evaluate their merits and see whether it is worth being written on. What to Discuss When pay someone to write my master capstone project Writing An Essay on Leadership? Few ideas on things that can be discussed in an essay on leadership How do most people define leadership? What are the common things people always think when it comes to the word leadership? Getting to know even a little about this may help you to write any essay on leadership. As for people in the field itself, writing based on experiences would be an added advantage. When it comes to what does the word ‘leadership’ means to most people, the answer obtained would be something about leading or guiding a bunch of people towards certain aims. It is like a universal understanding, and people can easily assume the meaning from the word itself. However, does it restricted only to this extent? Essay on this topic should be elaborated more, as it is a subjective matter to discuss and it has to be opinion-based. Writing about leadership is an open-ended, meaning that there are lots of thing can be discussed on. The basic should be defining the word leadership itself, followed by describing the must-have criteria of a leader such as high emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills, possess creativity, be innovative and a lot more. Elaborating about these criteria should suffice for an essay on leadership, though other elements can be added, depends on the need of the essay question. Emotional Intelligence This is one of the most talked issue these days, as world is getting tougher and emotional started to rule people, almost in every aspect of life. It is all about intellectual quotient (IQ) at the beginning, until people realize that emotional quotient (EQ) did play role in determining one’s quality, especially in leadership. Elaborating this issue can be a strong content in an essay on leadership, supported by the fact that more and more people started to seek for opinions on emotional intelligence. Communication Skills Communication skill is an evergreen aspect always discussed by writers in their leadership-related essay. The explanation within the essay content can be on how much does the skill affect leadership, should it be the main thing to judge on one’s ability in leading people, or does it count as a compulsory for a person to be a good leader? There are so many things can be discussed on, depends on your own will and creativity, but again, it should be within the range of essay requirement.