Several ways to store your realistic sex doll

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Every time you choose the sex doll you want, you can't help but think about one question. When I don't want to be with these lifelike sex dolls, how do I keep it? Admittedly, this is a very important question for most people. Now, our real-life sex doll store is here to help you with that, so you can buy the realistic sex doll you want without worry.

Storing Sex Dolls is a must for every Tpe Sex Doll lover, and the recommended way to store sex dolls vertically is to simply use an i-bolt and hang the doll on a closet rail. When storing your sex doll or love doll, it is recommended to cover the real doll with the soft cloth protective blanket that came with the real sex doll. Or, if you prefer, you can buy a clear or white plastic cover for your wedding dress or suit. Avoid black or dark covers as they can stain your sex doll.

Different types of bolts can fit your wrist neck, from i-bolts to hooks and more. You can use a combination of hooks, bolts and chains to adjust how your wrist hangs. These bolts, hooks and chains can be purchased at your local hardware store or, if you prefer, online. We recommend that you take the screw/neck bolt to a hardware store and let them find the right size for you.

When storing your sex doll vertically, make sure the Sex Doll's feet are on the floor, if you hang the sex doll free it may not break the sex doll on the neck, but over time it may cause Neck pressure and tension, which can deform the metal skeleton. If you store your wrists where your feet are in contact with the ground, this will help distribute the force more evenly along the wrist, so there is less chance of deformation of the wrist bones.

It won't cost you extra money if you have enough space under your bed. Yes, when we send huge tits sex doll, we put the sex doll in a cardboard box or a better-flight case. If there is enough space under the bed, you can carefully place your sex doll in its original box and place the box under the bed after using and cleaning it.

When you most need to get rid of your sexual fantasies, sex dolls will be your faithful sexual companions. Adult sex dolls are made of natural, safe and 100% real TPE silicone to make your sexual experience as realistic as possible. You can customize your own realistic doll with the look and function that best suits your taste. Of course, you can also choose the way you like to store the real dolls. Everything can be decided according to your preferences.