Precautions for maintenance of central machinery industrial dust collector

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central machinery industrial dust collector

The central machinery industrial dust collector must cut off the power supply, shut off the air source and empty the compressed air pipe before repairing any electrical device. Electric welding shall not be carried out inside the machine without fire prevention measures.

①、Removal and replacement of filter element

(1) When removing and replacing the filter element, it should start from the inspection hole at the top of the unit, so that the dust particles falling into the dust hopper will not escape through the inspection hole below.

(2) Turn the knob counterclockwise by hand, loosen the bolt, remove the access door, and place it on one side.

(3) Move the filter element and peel off the gasket between the filter element and the sealing surface of the filter element support plate. Slowly turn the filter element 1/2 turn so that any debris accumulated on top of the filter element falls off the front access hole of the dust collector.

(4) The filter element should not be knocked on, nor should it fall on the ground or other hard surfaces, otherwise it will damage the filter element and cause air leakage.

(5) Check the accumulation of ash in the ash storage area, and clean it if necessary.

(6) In order to ensure the reliable sealing of the filter element gasket, the filter element support liner around the orifice must be removed, and the ash on each filter element end cover and inspection door must be cleaned.

②, filter element installation

(1) Looking down at each bracket, insert the end of the filter element gasket on all filter elements toward the clean area, and push in a new filter element.

(2) Wipe the gasket of the access hole, turn the knob clockwise, re-install the access door cover on the thread button of the bracket, and tighten it by hand. Leaks may occur if the filter seal is not compressed enough.

③、Removal of ash

(1) Shut down the dust collector to remove ash as needed, so that the dust accumulation in the dust hopper is as little as possible.

(2) If the dust hopper is equipped with a plug-in valve, the plug-in valve must be turned off before handling the ash cylinder, and then the ash cylinder is pulled and drained, the ash cylinder is re-installed, and the plug-in valve is opened. If this procedure is followed, the dust collector fan does not have to be shut down.

central machinery industrial dust collector