Can Moles Be Removed Permanently?

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Getting mole removal permanently is now possible with the advancement of technology. Get permanent mole removal in Kolkata from Truly Permanent Beauty.

Moles also referred to as nevi, are normal skin growths that show up like dark spots or tiny bumps within the body. Although most moles are not harmful, however, some people might find them unattractive or fear the possibility of developing skin cancer. This is why a lot of individuals seek treatments to remove moles and often wonder if it's possible to remove them completely. In this article, we'll discuss the subject of the permanent removal of moles and explain the unique treatment provided by the company Truly Permanent Beauty.

Understanding Moles

Before diving into the subject removal of permanent moles, it is crucial to know the nature of moles and how they grow. They usually result from melanocytes that have accumulated, which are the cells that produce melanin, which imparts the skin color. They may appear at any age and can vary in size, shape, and color. Although most moles are not harmful, however, it is important to watch them for changes in their size or shape because this could signal the possibility of danger.

Traditional Mole Removal Techniques

There was a time when a variety of methods were employed to eliminate moles, such as cutting, shaving, or freezing. Although these techniques can effectively remove the visible mole, however, they usually leave marks or scars, or they may not treat the pigmented cells. This can lead to the growth of moles.

Introducing Truly Permanent Beauty

Absolutely Permanent Beauty is a specialized salon located in Kolkata that provides a revolutionary and non-invasive method to remove permanent moles. This procedure ensures that the moles are completely removed and leave no trace or the possibility of growing back. Utilizing advanced techniques to treat them, they offer an option to eradicate moles forever and leave the skin looking flawless and free of blemishes.

The Process:

  1. Consultation: The first step is to set up a time for a consultation with the specialists at Truly Permanent Beauty. In this consultation, expertly trained staff will examine the mole, identify its features, and determine the possibility of permanent removal.
  2. Lasers for precision microneedling: The second step is to apply precise microneedling. This procedure utilizes an instrument that is handheld and has needles that are sterile and fine to create microchannels within the skin. This procedure stimulates our body's own healing response and causes the elimination of the mole inside.
  3. Targeted Solution: When the microneedling process is finished, the specially-formulated removal solution for tattoos is sprayed onto the treated area. The solution is able to break down the pigmentation of the mole, permitting the body to eliminate it on its own in time.
  4. Aftercare and Recovery: Following the procedure, appropriate aftercare instructions will be given to ensure the best healing possible and reduce any possible adverse negative effects. It is essential to follow these guidelines to get the most effective results.

Benefits of Truly Permanent Beauty's Treatment

Truly Permanent Beauty's permanent treatment to remove moles has several advantages over conventional methods:

  1. Long-lasting results: Unlike techniques for temporary removal, This treatment seeks to remove moles permanently, which will reduce the likelihood of repeat incidence.
  2. Minimally invasive: This precise microneedling procedure used at the company called Truly Permanent Beauty is minimally invasive, which makes it a more secure and more comfortable option to the traditional methods of removal of moles.
  3. Enhances Skin Appearance: With the help of eliminating lesions permanently, the procedure can improve the overall appearance. The skin is left clean and free of blemishes.
  4. Professional Care: Through professional professionals who have been trained and skilled, Truly Permanent Beauty will ensure clients receive the best standard of care throughout their entire treatment experience.


Although moles are charming, However, some people may want to get them removed completely. The traditional methods for the removal of moles often do not provide satisfying and lasting outcomes. Yet, Truly Permanent Beauty offers an innovative method that promises permanent removal of the mole without causing scarring. Because it is non-invasive and has low downtime, this treatment is suitable for a variety of skin types and provides the appearance of natural, flawless skin.