How much do you know about the duck villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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Get to know all the duck villagers and invite your favorite animal villagers to live on the island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a total of 35 species, and the duck species is one of them. Get to know all the duck villagers and invite your favorite animal villagers to live on the island.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has 35 species and 413 animal villagers. This means there are at least 11 animal villagers of the same species. To identify each villager, the villager designer also needs to design different costumes, dialogues, and characters for each animal villager. This will make it easier for players to identify the character of animal villagers and invite their favorite animal villagers to live on the island. Inviting animal villagers to live on islands is a chore. First of all, your island needs to reach a certain star rating, and the number of animal villagers you can invite is also limited. Buy Bells Animal Crossing from can skip the quest step. This is very helpful for the layout planning of your island and improving the star rating of the island. Among the 35 species, my favorite is the duck villager, so I will introduce the next 10 duck villager characteristics.


10, Drake Villager: Lazy personality, known for his green head. Most of his rooms are green. 9. Pompom Villager: She has a cute appearance and a gentle personality. She might be a model because any outfit looks great on her. 8. Bill Villager: His designs are simple and faithful to the classic cartoon duck look. Slightly curly bangs and big black eyes make him look cute. I like him. 7. Gloria Villager: She has an arrogant personality, her look is a fusion of 90s fashion models, and she looks very distinctive. 6. Freckles Villager: Freckles' bright pink color scheme and wide eyes mean you either love her or hate her. This is a very mysterious feeling.


5. Joey Villager: From the outside, he is a yellow duck. The bear T-shirt and diaper combo he wears will impress you. 4. Pate Villager: The highlight of Pate's appearance has to be her wavy eyebrows, which contrast with her outgoing personality. 3. Molly Villager: Although she is an ordinary duck, she is indeed a book lover. 2. Scoot Villager: He wears a swimming cap all the time because he cares so much about his exercise habits. 1. Ketchup villager: She loves this fruit very much. Especially tomato, her house is also decorated like a woods campsite. Ketchup is the perfect villager's choice for most villagers.


An island can invite up to 10 animal villagers. This means that if you want your island to be harmonious and lively, you need to sift through 413 villagers. After screening, you can follow the steps to invite animal villagers to live on the island. The process of inviting animal villagers, Buy Animal Crossing Items, buying Nook Miles Tickets, buying gifts for villagers, decorating island water features, etc. are just ways to invite villagers to live on the island. Remember, if your island has troubled villagers, Isabel at the Resident Services Center can help you mediate. Once you find your favorite villager, you can proceed to the invite step.