Do you know the origin of the electric fireplace?

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Today, Shinepoch brings you information on electric fireplaces and leads you to explore the origin and characteristics of electric fireplaces.

The origin of the fireplace

The origin of fireplaces can be traced back to the period when humans first moved into caves and used "fire pools" for lighting, heating, and grilling food. With the development of productivity, the three functions of lighting, heating, and grilling food have gradually evolved and separated. The fireplace becomes a dedicated heating device.

The development of the times has brought new changes to the fireplace. In terms of form, fireplaces are derived from traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, charcoal fireplaces, etc., and then derive a new category: electric fireplaces.

In terms of function, the fireplace has developed from the initial heating function to the present, and the heating function has taken a back seat, but mainly reflects a decorative function, and emotional function, and a cultural function.

The electric fireplace is based on the European classical fireplace production technology and modern acoustic-optical principles, which greatly improves the design of traditional fireplaces, and creates green environmental protection and a more intense real wood burning effect without losing elegance.

In today's fast-paced work and life, people are more eager to enjoy the natural, warm, and romantic leisure feeling brought by the fireplace.

However, there are many unsatisfactory points in the installation and use of traditional fireplaces. For example, they can only use wood as fuel, are difficult to ignite, produce smoke when burning, spread inhalable particles throughout the room, and cause serious pollution. ; requires bulky chimneys;

Serious heat loss, low thermal efficiency, difficult temperature control, etc.


Advantages of electric fireplaces

As a household electric heating appliance, an electric fireplace has the characteristics of cleanliness, safety, reliability, convenient loading and unloading, and a high combustion utilization rate. Compared with wood-burning and gas-fired fireplaces, electric fireplaces do not have difficult-to-prevent soot, strange smells, and noise when the flame is burning;

Electric fireplaces can not only save heating costs but also bring elegant viewing effects. Enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by electric fireplaces safely and conveniently. Touch the switch, and the magical flame effect will be displayed instantly. Convenient installation, the gorgeous flame will bring a beautiful mood to your home decoration.

The use and installation of the electric fireplace are also very simple, without complicated preparations, just plug the fireplace into the home power supply. There is no high temperature on the surface of the electric fireplace, which is very safe for children and the elderly.

Classification of electric fireplaces

In terms of style, there are mainly European style, pastoral style, modern style, post-modern style, mix and match style, etc.

European style can be divided into Baroque style, Rococo style, Victorian style, Bohemian style, European minimalist style, etc.

In terms of material, it can be divided into marble, solid wood, metal electric fireplace, etc.; in terms of the installation environment, there are embedded, wall-mounted, combined, portable, etc.

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