As NBA 2K23 begins its Second season 2K announced a locker-code

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Russell Westbrook 2K MT

Russell Westbrook is a member of the 2011-12 Oklahoma City Thunder, a beloved NBA team. He has served as a point guard. He was the fourth overall pick during the 2008 NBA Draft. Russell Westbrook has an overall 2K score of 89 and is an extremely aggressive planner.

Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeRussell Westbrook- Ruby9087PG/SG6'3'(190cm)6'7"(200cm)200 lbs(90kg)Oklahoma City ThunderUCLAJordan

Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin is a well-known NBA team of 2001-02 New Jersey Nets member and is an offensive center or power forward position. Kenyon Martin scores an all-time 2K score of 83 and is using two-way stretch Four.

Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeKenyon Martin- Sapphire8585PF/C6'9'(205cm)7'0"(213cm)225 lbs(102kg)New Jersey NetsCincinnatiNike

Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes is a member of the renowned NBA team in the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors. He's been either a small forward or power forward. The seventh overall selection at the time of the 2012 NBA Draft. Harrison Barnes has an overall 2K score of 80. He has the shape of sharpshooters.

Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeHarrison Barnes- Sapphire8781SF/PF6'8'(203cm)6'11"(210cm)225 lbs(102kg)Golden State WarriorsNorth CarolinaAny

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Zydrunas Ilgauskas is known as an NBA team of the 2006-07 Cleveland Cavaliers member, playing at the center position. Zydrunas Ilgauskas is a 2K score of 82 overall and is a 2-way inside scorer.

Player cardOffenseDefensePositionHeightWingspanWeightTeamFromShoeZydrunas Ilgauskas- Sapphire8784C7'3'(220cm)7'6"(228cm)228 lbs(107kg)Cleveland CavaliersLithuaniaAny

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As NBA 2K23 begins its Second season 2K announced a locker-code update that players can make use of, which includes freebies in MyTeam and MyCareer modes, as well as part of NBA 2K23 MT.The redemption procedure differs this year. To redeem it, navigate to MyTeam Community Center, then go to the MyTeam Community Center and then enter MyTeam into the portal, then ensure you're on the "Home" tab. Then find MyTeam Community Hub on this page and enter it, and finally, find Locker Code on this page and document it to redeem it.NBA 2K23 second season November locker codePRIMETIME-PETE-MARAVICH-MYTEAM: Primetime II Pack, Tight Handles Badge Pack, or Shoe Award PackMASKED-PLAYERS-IN-MYTEAM: Alter Ego Pack, 2K23 MT or Blinders badge packHALLOWEEN-IN-MYTEAM: Alter Ego Luxury BagAlter Ego packs and bundles will bring a Halloween-style theme to MyTeam items and some special items similar to Buy NBA 2K23 MT the Signatures series