A few questions you should know about using a fingertip oximeter

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With the development of medical equipment, fingertip oximeters are more and more popular, and it only takes a few seconds to know the status of your blood sample.

Oximeter is a kind of infrared technology that can detect the blood oxygen saturation and pulse value of human blood. It is generally measured by clipping it on a finger.

What is a fingertip oximeter?

A simple-to-use device that helps you monitor your blood oxygen levels. The fingertip oximeter is a non-invasive device (no needles) that allows viewing of results in seconds.Generally, for people with severe heart and lung disease, it is necessary to monitor the blood oxygen and heart rate frequently. At this time, you can use the oximeter to understand the changes of the condition. In addition, it is necessary to use the oximeter to monitor the blood of the individual when you go to the plateau area. Oxygen and heart rate conditions.


Why is it so important to monitor your own blood oxygen levels?

When your blood oxygen levels are low, you can feel tired or short of breath, but you probably won't feel any different. This situation is very dangerous. You should keep monitoring your blood oxygen levels with a fingertip oximeter until you feel better. If your blood oxygen levels drop, you should seek immediate medical attention.


How to use a fingertip oximeter?

Check your blood oxygen levels twice a day, morning and evening (or more frequently, as your healthcare provider recommends).

(1) Press the function key on the front panel to turn on the power of the oximeter.

(2) Pinch off the clip of the oximeter, and then put one of our fingers into the cavity of the oximeter completely. Press the function key again to change the display orientation.

(3) Read the data on the display.

(4) After flipping the oximeter, each time the function key is pressed, different rotations can be viewed in different directions, and the oximeter can be switched to another display mode. There are a total of 4 display modes available for viewing in different directions.

(5) Long press the function key to enter the setting menu interface.

(6) Short press the function key to switch in the setting menu, long press to change the current value of each menu

(7) When the asterisk moves to Exit, long press the function key to exit to the measurement interface.

(8) When the finger is inserted into the oximeter, the surface of the nail must be upward.

 fingertip oximeter


How do I interpret the readings on the fingertip oximeter screen?

The fingertip oximeter will display two numbers. The marker for blood oxygen content is SpO2. The other number is your heart rate. For most people, normal blood oxygen levels are 95% or higher; normal heart rates are usually below 100. Your blood oxygen levels and heart rate may vary depending on your activity, body position, and overall health. If you are in doubt, consult your healthcare provider.


How should I clean my fingertip oximeter?

Use a cloth, kitchen towel, or cotton ball moistened with at least 60 % isopropyl alcohol to wipe all surfaces of the oximeter. Please clean after each use or before giving to others.


Can a fingertip oximeter be used on children?

Fingertip oximeters are not recommended for children under the age of 14. Monitor your child's symptoms carefully and call their healthcare provider if they seem sick, have a worsening cough, or have trouble breathing.


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