Full body workout EMS training suit fitness effect

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GOMANG EMS whole body exercise is assisted by technology equipment, and it only takes 20 minutes of exercise to achieve the effect of 2 hours of traditional fitness.

Why is it said that 20 minutes of exercise is equivalent to 2 hours? When it comes to losing weight, I believe that many people have a stomach full of bitter water and want to vomit. Dieting hurts the body, and exercise hurts. "Exercise hard for an hour, and a meal will return to before liberation." Now there is a time-saving, convenient and non-injurious high school Technology fitness method, 20 minutes of exercise can equal to 2 hours of ordinary exercise GOMANG black technology, today, let's take a deep dive into EMS fitness.

Full body workout EMS training suit

We believe that there are also many office workers who have the desire to exercise, but now the pace of life in big cities is too fast. After a day’s work, it is really tiring. When I get home, I just want to lie down. What about people who are busy" exercising? The easiest way is to make the exercise faster and more effective, while saving time, it can also achieve a desired effect well. To this end, this group of people can use EMS fitness technology, because traditional fitness requires at least 40 minutes of aerobic exercise to achieve the effect of losing weight, which is too heavy for office workers who are weak. GOMANG EMS fitness is assisted by technology equipment, and it only takes 20 minutes of exercise to achieve the effect of 2 hours of traditional fitness.


20 minutes of fitness time is not too attractive for busy urban people!


So the question is, what is EMS fitness? EMS is a high-end sports technology. It is connected by instruments and special sportswear to simulate the bioelectrical signals between the neurons and muscles of the human body, which can make the muscles vibrate and contract in a short time.


It sounds complicated, but it is actually wearing a special EMS fitness training suit, and then the micro-current will stimulate the muscles through the training suit, so that the muscles reach a state of contraction. In the earliest days, EMS was used to intervene and assist in the treatment of muscle atrophy, mainly for people with weak and lost exercise capacity, such as the elderly, long-term bedridden patients, and so on. Later, it was found that EMS fitness can also have a very good effect on healthy people, especially sports that require strength and speed.


The latest generation of GOMANG's EMS suits, thanks to advanced technology, offers more freedom of movement during indoor and outdoor training. GOMANG EMS training suit wears like breathing skin, lighter, thinner and more breathable.


EMS training clothes are suitable for various scenarios, such as: gym, weight loss center, leisure vacation, outdoor sports, postpartum care, etc. After all, good health can lead to steady development!


Personal electrotherapy pulse wearable training EMS equipment stimulation muscle

Full Body Workout EMS Training Wear Exporter - GOMANG

The Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system integrated into GOMANG increases performance in endurance sports within a short time - making GOMANG EMS the perfect training partner for anyone who wants to improve their performance, for example, while running. As an efficient training method, EMS training is great for people who have busy schedules and little time to train.