Precautions For The Correct Use Of Skin Milky Lotion

Cellreva Milky Lotion supplier Beaubeaux shares with you the precautions for correct use of skin care Milky Lotion. Lotion is the most basic skin care product.

How to use Milky Lotion correctly? What should I pay attention to when using Milky Lotion? Milky Lotion is a basic skin care product that must be used in the morning and evening skin care work. It can lock in the moisture of the skin to achieve the moisturizing effect, and it can also be used for a long time. Moisturizes the skin.


Milky Lotion is a basic skin care product that must be used in the skin care work every morning and evening. It can achieve the effect of heat preservation by locking the skin's moisture, and can also moisturize the skin.


Although we use Milky Lotion for skin care every day, sometimes we may use the wrong method or some details are not right, so let's learn how to use Milky Lotion correctly? What should I pay attention to when using lotion?

How to use Milky Lotion correctly?

1. First clean the face with facial cleanser, rinse off the foam with warm water, then gently pat on the face with toner to make the skin absorb a certain amount of moisture.


2. Take an appropriate amount of Milky Lotion and apply Milky Lotion to the skin of the face according to the principle of which one is dry.


3. Generally, it can be applied in the order of the cheeks, the sides of the mouth and the upper and lower jaws. If you still feel dry after applying, you can apply it to the whole face again to give the skin a double moisturizing effect.


4. When smearing, the force of the finger pulp should be used. The strength of the finger pulp is moderate and elastic, and it is comfortable when touching the skin.


5. After smearing all over the face, massage the skin properly to promote the absorption of Milky Lotion.

What should I pay attention to when using Milky Lotion?

1. Choose different types of Milky Lotion for different skin types.

Dry skin should choose moisturizing Milky Lotion, oily and combination skin should choose refreshing Milky Lotion.


2. Apply to neck when applying Milky Lotion

The skin of the neck has very little oil in honey, and it also needs to add moisture and oil, so when applying Milky Lotion, it can be extended to the skin of the neck by the way, and make a simple care for the neck.


3. Increase the dosage when the skin is tired

When the skin is dull or tired, you can add the appropriate amount of liquid to give the skin more moisture and nutrients, and get more care effects.

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