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We specialize in weddings by executing end-to-end planning & budget wedding planners & Top wedding event management companies in Bangalore

Wedding is a life altering event in everyone’s life and we put together nothing but the best of everything to make this day special for you and your loved ones. We help you pick a destination wedding or any international wedding and take care of everything from start to end. Shuba Event Planners is one of the best Destination Wedding Planners in Bangalore.

We want to multiply your happiness on your special day. We specialize in weddings by executing end-to-end planning and celebration. Our professional team takes care of the location to the logistics of the wedding. Shuba Event Planners make sure your wedding vibe is warm, relaxing and full of fun!

Shuba Event Planners prides itself of being among the best Wedding Planners in Bangalore and an inexpensive wedding decorations provider. We suggest the best décor that will go with your wedding and take care of making the it a spectacular one! From flowers, the sitting arrangement to other wedding supplies– we are your one stop decor. Embark on a new journey with Shuba Event Planners.

We believe a photo and video can perfectly capture your wedding’s happy moments! The team of Shuba Event Planners provides photography and videography at feasible fees which includes candid as well has posed memories especially customised according to your vibe.

Celebrating the topmost adventure of togetherness, a marriage lays the foundation of a dream you want to make on. Admitting the significance of this occasion to you, we, at Wedding Planners in Bangalore, connect the dots of your dream marriage vision and arrange a personalized and unforgettable memory. Equipped with the best of knowledge and experience, Wedding Planners in Bangalore brings a new perspective to designing, planning, decorating, and servicing an inconceivable celebration, breaking the similarity of a conventional marriage.

As you begin your journey of marriage, we at Wedding Planners in Bangalore, ensure that we transform your imagination of a dream marriage into a spectacular celebration. Arranging every detail with skill, we draft an amazing wedding of your choice – extravagant or intimate, royal or traditional, you think of it and we make it be. Wedding Planners in Bangalore endure from fixing venues to designing decor in order to make a remarkable wedding experience.