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When he first saw him, Lin Yu looked familiar and recalled that this woman was Qingluan from the Capital Club. Before Lin Yu could speak, Qingluan took the initiative to say, "I am Qingluan, the first disciple of Phoenix.".

When he first saw him, Lin Yu looked familiar and recalled that this woman was Qingluan from the Capital Club. Before Lin Yu could speak, Qingluan took the initiative to say, "I am Qingluan, the first disciple of Phoenix.". I'm here to tell you some news! "The first disciple of Phoenix?" Lin Yu, who had never heard of this, was very surprised. Regardless of the puzzled expression on his face, Qingluan continued, Jiang Jing, the adopted son of the Dragon King, is actually his own son. This time, Jiang Jing joined forces with some foreign forces to murder the Dragon King. And with the help of his mother, he controlled the dragons! Now the dragon clan has gone bad. Chapter 168 Diobus and the Pope. Not long after it was light, the breeze at the seaside was quite cold on the body, and Lin Yu suddenly felt cold all over when the breeze caressed him. If this Qingluan is telling the truth, then this thing is really a big deal. How big a thing is it that the Dragon King of the Dragon Clan was killed? This is equivalent to the emperor of the underworld being killed. Lin Yu, who was not sure whether it was true or not, looked at Qingluan and felt that her temperament was very different from that of Phoenix and yuan Na. The whole person had the elegant temperament of an ancient princess, while Phoenix and yuan Na were both self-indulgent and almost dust-free. After a silence, Lin Yu opened his mouth and said, "How can you prove that you are Phoenix's apprentice?" Thought if this woman can say why, then call yuan Na out to confirm, otherwise there is no need to let her come out to take risks, after all, this Qingluan body has a strong murderous look. There's no need to prove it. Believe it or not, it's up to you. Qingluan said a word and turned away. But then yuan Na suddenly came out of the orphanage and shouted,titanium machining parts, "Wait." When yuan Na shouted, Qingluan stopped and turned to look over and found yuan Na. She smiled and muttered, "I've grown so big." Hearing the cold voice, yuan Na's eyes turned red and she ran a few steps to hold Qingluan in her arms and said excitedly, "Sister." "Oh, I haven't seen you for ten years, but I can still see you at a glance because you have a small mole under your eye." Qingluan patted yuan Na on the shoulder. In fact, there is a reason why yuan Na was so excited to see Qingluan. She had been away for three years after Phoenix took her to the snow mountain. She had been living with Qingluan for three years. yuan Na, who was still young at that time, was very dependent on Qingluan. Three years later, after the Phoenix returned, Qingluan went down the mountain for ten years without any news. yuan Na thought that the other party had an accident. Now, of course, Investment casting parts ,die casting parts, she couldn't control her mood when she saw it. Looking at the little girl holding Qingluan crying yuan Na Lin Yuxin slightly pantothenic acid, the girl grew up too difficult, when only Phoenix and Qingluan were around. The experience is with snakes and with killing. At this moment originally Lin Yu did not want to interrupt two people to catch up, but the father's comfort is more important. So he interrupted and said, "I'll catch up later. I have something to ask." "Yes, I know." yuan Na obediently separated from Qingluan. As soon as Qingluan saw that yuan Na was obedient to Lin Yu, she immediately laughed and joked, "The little girl has really grown up." "No." yuan Na is a little shy. Lin Yu was not in the mood for these details and asked, "Is the death of the Dragon King certain?" "It was almost certain that I was in the capital club at that time." Qingluan said truthfully. On that day, she received an order from above to entertain a table of distinguished guests, but she did not want the table to be filled with five people, including the Dragon King and Jiang Jing. After three rounds of drinking, the Dragon King suddenly began to vomit blood and finally died without a sound. At that time, Qingluan was almost silenced, taking advantage of his familiarity with the Beijing Club to drive away from the underground parking lot. When she told the details again, Lin Yu frowned slightly and asked, "Are you sure that man is the Dragon King?" "It's almost exactly the same as the Dragon King I saw in those years, but it's just a few years old, and there are some voices that look old, and the tone of voice is exactly the same. And after that, I also invaded the Dragon Clan to investigate and confirm that the Dragon King did have an accident. The Dragon Clan has been controlled by Jiang Jing and his mother's people." Qingluan explained. After hearing this, Lin Yu felt that things were still not 100% sure, so he opened his mouth and said, "I'm going to save my father. You go in first." "Save your father." Hearing Lin Yu's words, Qingluan asked doubtfully. So Lin Yu said the matter of Lin Tiancheng carefully. After listening to him, Qingluan continued to ask, "What's your father's name?" "林天成 . ” "I don't think you need to save it." After hearing this, Qingluan said with certainty. Why Lin Yu was puzzled. Because I rescued a man when I was undercover in the Dragon Clan. His name was Lin Tiancheng. His appearance was. Qingluan talked leisurely about Lin Tiancheng's appearance and age. After listening to her words, Lin Yuxin asked excitedly: "Where is my father now?" "At that time in the Maldives, many people were looking for him, so I sent him to the Maldives passport signed on the ground, which I helped to reissue. It was absolutely true that there was no need for ccāo heart in the economy. I gave him 100,000 yuan." Qingluan said a sentence and then continued: "It is estimated that he is now traveling, waiting for you to solve the matter here to pick him up on the line." "So that's it." Lin Yu answered and began to think about the next step. You obviously don't need to go there this morning. After returning to the orphanage, Lin Yu asked doubtfully, "How did you find this place and why did you send us a letter?" "Because the master is in Bincheng, she has been watching in the dark." Qingluan explained. Hearing the news that Phoenix is also in Bincheng, Lin Yu and yuan Na are both happy that each other is invincible in their hearts. If it appears, it is likely that one person will turn the tide of the war. Since then, we have gathered together to study countermeasures. What is certain now is that the Dragon Clan will not send anyone to help in the short term, and the Huawu Alliance will not appear for its own benefit. It is very difficult to rely on these people present to withstand the crisis, because there are more than 20 masters who have achieved the strength of the other side. If they are careful,DIN screw plug, the threat will be very great. Can only outwit in the case of invincibility, but the other side will not relax in the case of continuing to suffer losses because of carelessness. Faced with such difficulties, Lin Yu also has his own judgment. autoparts-dx.com