Genius (Wandering)

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Of course, it's a pity that Ji Xiaotian has no chance to verify these situations now, because he knows clearly that he can't stop.

Of course, it's a pity that Ji Xiaotian has no chance to verify these situations now, because he knows clearly that he can't stop. On the one hand, he doesn't want to give up the rare chance to fly to the fairy world. On the other hand, he can't stop. He doesn't know how to stop at all. Generally speaking, once a flying object such as a carrier rocket rushes out of the earth, it will slow down and decompose itself, which is equivalent to destruction. However, Xiaotian's ascent here is completely different. It is clear that he has rushed out of the atmosphere into space, but his speed has not stopped. Not only that, his speed is still increasing. This speed is getting faster and faster, and finally with the strength of the immortal level, there is no way to see his surrounding environment clearly, he only vaguely knows that the surrounding environment is changing rapidly, but also has a planet passing around, as for other content, Ji Xiaotian is not aware of it. So in such a situation, it is impossible for Ji Xiaotian to pay attention to the copper stove Taoist again. He can only pray silently for the copper stove Taoist,side impact beams, hoping that everything will go well for him. Ji Xiaotian himself knows that under normal circumstances, the copper furnace Taoist should not have any problems. After all, the flying immortal world is also part of the law of heaven and earth. No one can destroy it casually, and no one will do so. It's not completely without problems, just like before Ji Xiaotian and the Copper Furnace Taoist had made an appointment to meet again in the fairy world, maybe it's not as convenient as I imagined, and Ji Xiaotian is not sure whether he can see the Copper Furnace Taoist in the fairy world in the future. After all,Precision Welded pipes, according to Ji Xiaotian's estimate, the fairy world is not generally big. Two people in it are like a drop of water in countless seas. This basic gap can be imagined. If you don't happen to fly up in the same place in the fairy world, you don't know which day, month and year it will be if you meet the copper furnace Taoist. Where is this? Is this the end? Is the fairy world such a place? Finally, this kind of silent continuous soaring, do not know how many planets have passed and how many spaces have been crossed, Ji Xiaotian only felt his body shake, suddenly stopped, early closed tightly eyes, also opened in an instant. But when Ji Xiaotian saw the surrounding environment, and then looked at his body above and there is no abnormality, can not help but exclaim, after all, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, anyone in the face of such a situation, it is impossible to remain completely calm, because all this contrast is too big, and Ji Xiaotian's imagination is very different, you know he has countless speculations about the fairy world in his mind. It is not that the fairy world is too magnificent, nor that the fairy world is too spiritual, but that all the beautiful things in Xiaotian's imagination, such as the legendary fairy paradise, do not exist here at all. There is only a very ordinary old man sitting in front of it, and he is so ordinary that he can't be more ordinary. And Ji Xiaotian himself, but appeared in a strange big array, the mystery of this array to Ji Xiaotian's immortal strength now can not be seen, he just vaguely knows that this big array seems to have something to do with long-distance movement, because Ji Xiaotian has the ability to move instantaneously after passing through the disaster. When using that ability, it is somewhat similar to this big array. However, it was only a similar place. Many positions could not understand why it was set up like this. With his eyesight, he kept looking down and felt dizzy. Such a situation could be imagined to be very terrible. After he knew it was wrong, he quickly closed his eyes and stopped looking carefully. Ha ha, the young man's eyesight is good. For so many years, you are the first one to see the mystery of the transmission array. Just with your strength of a small immortal level, how can you watch such a mysterious array for a long time? It's good that you can hold on and not fall down. ” The old man seemed a little bored. It was obvious that no one had come to the transmission array for a long time. Ji Xiaotian's coming here was a very happy and novel thing for the old man. So he didn't blame Ji Xiaotian for looking at it at random. Instead, he laughed and explained that such a secret could not be said casually. Excuse me, old man, who are you. Ji Xiaotian saw that the old man was not as acerbic as he had imagined, nor was he so difficult to get along with. He felt that he could still have a lot of problems to understand through the old man. After all, he had just arrived in the fairy world and did not know anything about it. If he rushed out, he did not know what would happen. After a short period of adaptation, Ji Xiaotian also came to his senses. The big array in front of him should only lead him to fly up from other places or even from the lower world. In addition, the big array could not have other functions, and the real fairy world had not been fully displayed in front of him. There were many things he needed to know. There is a present person here, Ji Xiaotian of course can not let go, have a good understanding, he is very sure to see the old man's appearance, the other side is certainly willing to chat with him, think also know, bored sitting here do not know how many years, no matter how an interesting person will become bored. You don't have to be so polite. Everyone else calls me old man. You can call me that, too. It seems that the guy who calls himself the old man is not very popular in the fairy world, at least not on the planet where Ji Xiaotian is located, otherwise he would not have been sent to such a remote corner to guard the most dilapidated transport array, according to the old man, he has been here for more than three hundred years. Ji Xiaotian was the first person he had seen in more than three hundred years to fly up from the lower world. I dare not. I'd better call you Mr. Gu. Anyway,impact beam tubes, it's certain that you are much older than me. It's no problem for me to respect you a little. You see, there are some small specialties of my hometown here. If you think it's OK, please taste more. 。