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Dong Xuebin looked at her and reached out to hold her hand with a little heartache. "Don't be afraid, I'm here." Yu Meixia nodded forcefully and wiped the tears of panic from the corners of her eyes.

Moments later, the local police came. "With the help of the local people, they quickly found two children and two abducted women. One of the two women was a college student. Knowing that Dong Xuebin was leading the team, they cried and knelt down to Dong Xuebin, kowtowing and thanking him.". To Dong Xuebin's heavy heart, the eight-year-old boy was fine, but both women were raped. The case has been solved, Chu Feng several people are very full in the heart. Dong Xuebin called them, "Big Scar, those people have to go to the hospital to treat the gunshot wounds first. You stay here and wait for them to take out the bullets." Take them back to Yantai County directly. The remaining women and children, after recording, also find someone to send them back to their relatives. " At this time, "the vice captain of the local criminal police team came up," Director Dong, let's press on our county for the time being, and we have to investigate. " Chu Feng several people face a change, this is to grab credit ah! Dong Xuebin sneered, "Are you kidding?"? The victim is our Yantai County people, the big scar several people are we catch, still stay in your county? The vice captain said with a straight face, "This case is also related to us." "Yes,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP," said Dong Xuebin, "if it weren't for your failure to maintain law and order, our fellow villagers wouldn't have been sold to your county, and you wouldn't have noticed it at all. I'd like to ask!"! How do you handle cases? Ah? So many blind dates in Yantai County were caught here! You have no idea? The two villagers were raped, and Yu Meixia was almost killed. Dong Xuebin was in a bad mood. The vice captain doesn't look very good. Dong Xuebin couldn't help saying, "Chu Feng, bring someone back to Yantai tomorrow. I'll see who the *** dares to stop him!" "Yes!" The vice captain knew Dong Xuebin's strength as early as he saw the gunshot wounds of Big Scar and a villager. When he heard this,Magnesium Oxide powder, he said nothing. Chapter 208 [Face!] Chapter 208 [Face!] That afternoon. Second People's Hospital of neighboring province and county. Big Scar has had surgery to remove the bullet from his leg. At this moment, Dong Xuebin stood in his ward, staring into his eyes and said, "Big Scar, to tell you the truth, I admire your courage. Tell me, who is behind the scenes?" Seeing the big scar lying there, he replied, "What do you say?" Dong Xuebin frowned, "No one else is involved? Can't you? Do you dare to abduct the people of our Public Security Bureau without anyone else's instructions? Ah The big scar was stunned. What do you mean Dong Xuebin looked at him and said, "The person you tied up in the morning is my nanny, who lives in the family courtyard of the Public Security Bureau." Big scar gasped, he just understood why the police arrest momentum is so fierce, why there are so many checkpoints along the way, it turned out that he touched the wrong person, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, thought of this, he was a little panicked, tone with resentment: "This has nothing to do with me, no, your nanny has nothing to do with me, I answered a phone call last night." Someone told me to stay in an alley tomorrow. There would be a very beautiful woman from the countryside passing by. She was sure to sell it at a good price. So I went to wait. I, I, my uncle, someone cheated me. "Who is that man?" Said Dong Xuebin in a cold voice. "Big scar is busy:" nickname calls big head, true name I am not clear, it is the one person that I know quite early before. "What does this big head do?" Asked Dong Xuebin? Where do you live? "I don't know where he lives. He used to be a loan shark. Should he change his profession now?" “…… Have you ever heard of Jindi Villa? The big scar shook his head confusedly. "I'm not from your province.". ” After asking a few more questions, Dong Xuebin went out of the ward and lit a cigarette in the hospital compound. Sure enough, someone found the place where Yu Meixia often went shopping and passed by. He wanted to abduct Yu Meixia by someone else's hand and throw Yu Dajie into the mountains all her life. Without her, there would be no one to complain about the murder case, so he could give Dong Xuebin some shock. Don't even think about it, Dong Xuebin can already be sure that the people of Jindi Villa did it, these bastards, bully people too much, stepped on my head? All right, we'll settle this account when I get back. If I don't take you to the pot, his surname is not Dong. Qian Sen, Qian Fei, Hu Yiguo, Zhao Jinsong and Dong Xuebin read these names in their hearts with a calm face. Ring, ring, the phone rang. It was Liang Chengpeng. …… Director Dong, how is the case going? "I was just about to report to you that the case was solved, all four suspects were arrested, and the women and children who had been abducted a while ago were recovered." Liang Chengpeng was slightly stunned. Good job Suppressing his anger, Dong Xuebin said, "I also found out that the election of Yu Meixia was not accidental. Someone had called the principal offender Big Scar before and revealed the location where Yu Meixia bought vegetables. This was deliberately aimed at me, at Sister Yu, and at the murder case." Liang Chengpeng hesitated, "I know, bring everyone back." "Because someone attacked the police, I fired, several suspects were injured, just finished the operation to dig out the bullets, I wonder if tomorrow.." "Today, I'll contact the local police and ask them to send a car to bring people back." "Good." Hung up the phone, Liang Chengpeng smiled bitterly and gave Hu Yiguo a case that had not been solved for more than half a month. In the morning, he just gave it to Xiao Dong. In the afternoon, the case was solved. Even Chen Hailiang in the detention center didn't even say a useful word. He was stunned to let Xiao Dong know where the suspect was trading. He was stunned to find the person back. This kind of ability and efficiency. There is no one in the whole Public Security Bureau who can compare with it. In the afternoon, several police cars pulled the big scar and the victim to Yantai County. Because Chu Feng was sent by Dong Xuebin to escort the prisoners with the police cars, only Dong Xuebin and Yu Meixia were in Buick Business. Yu Meixia this time is frightened not light, sitting in the passenger seat of her two hands tightly around the shoulder,Magnesium Sulphate producer, faintly can see some shivering, eye socket is also red. Dong Xuebin looked at her and reached out to hold her hand with a little heartache. "Don't be afraid, I'm here." Yu Meixia nodded forcefully and wiped the tears of panic from the corners of her eyes. stargrace-magnesite.com