Wind and Moon in the Half of the City (attached)

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Pan Siji nodded, "there has been no way." "Destiny is hard to disobey!" He shrugged his shoulders,jacuzzi swim spa, waved the axe in his hand, and shouted twice, looking very happy.

These confused thoughts often only occasionally passed through the long princess's mind like dark clouds, and no one noticed them, not even herself, but after all, they were very different from the beginning, and the two of them were mostly in harmony and quiet. Ji Ran Shen Jun remembered that it was an autumn night with few stars in the month. Yaoying's mood was unexpectedly excited. After dinner, she still hugged Fu Cang and refused to let go. The child did not like to be close to others, not to mention that five thousand years old was no longer a child, and she did not like this kind of cuddling. She just put her face down and let her mother rub herself like a piece of wood. Yaoying held his face in her hands and said with a smile, "If your temper is still like this when you are two hundred thousand years old, it will be a good thing." In fact, she has always envied their father and son who were born to look on coldly, not easily moved, not easily moved, will not be easily hurt, firm will, in order to smoothly through a hundred generations of reincarnation, the achievement of nature is not destroyed. Fu Cang looked at himself without knowing why, his face like a beautiful jade, still childish and mellow, his eyes clear, like a little goddess. The more Yaoying looked at it, the more she liked it. She couldn't help kissing him heavily,Whirlpool bathtub, and Fucang stiffened into wood again. When she went to bed, she was still not sleepy. She bent over the window lattice and looked at the moonlight for a long time. She could not help but lean over and embrace her shoulder. She asked softly, "Do you have something on your mind?" Yaoying put her head in his arms, her husband, they have been married for so many years, she is still very happy most of the time, at this time, to care about whether you like it or not, it is too unpleasant. "You're such a ghost,outdoor spa manufacturers," she said with a laugh. "Nothing can be hidden from you. I have reached the realm, and the martial arts are as smooth as water. I plan to go through a hundred generations of reincarnation in fifty years, and I will begin to retreat and meditate tomorrow. Retreat tomorrow, the end of the retreat will go to a hundred reincarnation, she told him now? Ji Ran felt a surge of anger in his heart. Holding his shoulder, he lowered his head and asked her, "Why didn't you tell me such a big thing earlier?" Yaoying hung her head and hesitated for a moment. "If you can't cross it," she whispered. Wait for Fu Cang to be bigger and then continue the string. She's crazy to say such a thing. Ji Ran said coldly, "As early as the wedding day, I said that the Huaxu family had only one pair for the rest of their lives, and only one for the rest of their lives." Yaoying's eyes, as clear as autumn water, fell on his face again, as if there was a faint expectation: "Just because it's Huaxu?" At first, it was, but it was not long ago. Huaxu's life was a pair. He already understood the true meaning of it. It was not something that anyone could do. He was so barren and lazy, hot tub wholesale ,4 person jacuzzi, but he was always lucky. The greatest luck in this life was her. But he still couldn't say it. He has a real hatred for himself. Yaoying smiled and said, "I'm so happy to see that the road is about to be completed. I can talk nonsense. It's enough for us to be so happy together. When my nature is immortal, I'll protect you later. It's fun to be immortal." Interesting Ji ran did not know whether to laugh or cry. That day he did not stop Yaoying retreat, after leaving the pass, he did not stop her to go to the palace of the common people to cross the robbery, Yaoying heart is clear, he believes that this road, she will be able to achieve smoothly, that is her lifelong ideal, he is willing to complete for her. Centennial reincarnation plunder is very dangerous. Compared with ordinary reincarnation and even the plunder of the lower world, it is by no means a level of things. It is probably to torture all the joys and sorrows of the world with the weak body and soul of mortals. However, if there is a life that can not be successfully completed, if it encounters a disaster or dies, then all the previous efforts will be wasted. Even after ninety-nine generations, you still have to start all over again. In the past year, Emperor Bai Ze crossed a hundred generations of reincarnation and tried five times to achieve the great road. He was full of confidence in his beloved wife and thought that Yaoying would surely succeed once. He was wrong, very wrong. In the 34th generation, Yaoying was robbed of love and died of self-destruction. The dark cloud she hid in the deepest part of her heart came mercilessly in this life. It could not break the emotional barrier, and even shook the spirit of the soul. When Ji Ran arrived at the Hall of Common People, she was already dying. Without starting all over again, the unpredictable reincarnation will take away the life of her beloved wife. When Yaoying saw him, she seemed to have a trace of apology. She could not speak, but her clear eyes told him: I'm sorry, I'm not as powerful as you think. I let you down. No, he let her down. Why can't you tell her frankly? Why didn't you say it when she left? He thought he took care of her every little detail, but he never turned a blind eye to her expectations. He was the stupidest and most stubborn bastard in the world. Feeling his state of mind, the Peach Wood Excalibur sent out a mournful buzz, like a ghost crying and a God howling. His Highness, the common people, was sucked into the sword like a whale sucking water. The plan of Huaxu's kendo, which had already achieved great success, was realized at that moment. The Peach Wood Excalibur turned into the underworld of Youming, protecting the body of Yaoying and the nearly broken soul in it, so that it would not escape. Separated a trace of mind into the sword, that cloud and mist, cherry figure wandering, is the soul of Yaoying, she is looking around the dark fog trance, just like the day he ran to her courtyard because of impulse, see the back. This time, he hugged her tightly. I He could not finish his choking words, and his cheeks were wet with tears that he had never shed before. A cold and gentle spirit surrounded him, and her voice was as clear as ever: "I'm still here, don't be sad." Ji Ran closed his eyes and said in a low voice, "You have always been the only one in my heart, not because I am Huaxu." Yaoying's clear eyes looked at him quietly. After a long time, her eyes flowed and she smiled softly: "I know." She looked around, her face was quiet, and there was a faint layer of satisfaction, but also with a faint sense of loss, and finally opened his mouth like self-mockery: "We two, really stupid." The eldest princess of Emperor Taiyi in the Thirty-three Heavens and the wife of Emperor Qinghua,jacuzzi manufacturers, Yaoying, have since become a ghost who can only live in the peach wood sword. Only he can see and only he can hear. But anyway, it's enough that she's still here.