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Pan Siji nodded, "there has been no way." "Destiny is hard to disobey!" He shrugged his shoulders,jacuzzi swim spa, waved the axe in his hand, and shouted twice, looking very happy.

Rong Jun stood up and said in a low voice, "Luo Feng is right.". The road to immortality. Not everyone can go. Without that heart.. Just quit. Then he turned his head and went straight out, soaring into the sky. Haha, well, it's just fighting. Haha, I'm a card man who likes fighting best. Uka also stood up. He burst out laughing, but his laughter seemed strange in the cold and oppressive atmosphere. Go. Will Mo stand up. Uh Qianshui followed his brother. And left. Yi Ke's death.. Many members of the Taichu District were severely reminded, and what really woke them up was Luofeng's eight. They didn't realize how dangerous the road was. The task of training. Rong Jun sat in his study. Click on the screen and watch carefully, "Safety level, ordinary level, difficult level, dangerous level, desperate situation."? The first time to practice the task. There's no danger. There's no tempering effect. Now you can choose danger.. You can't choose to go out in the future, but you can't be too dangerous for the first time, after all, you have no experience. "Difficult level!!!" Rong Jun clicked on the difficulty level and began to choose the training task. Unreal Sea Plane. Rumble. The black sea roars. The waves set off tens of meters of huge waves and hit the cliff shore again and again. Luo Feng stood on the cliff and looked at the endless fantasy sea. Strong,outdoor endless pool, in addition to talent, understanding. Effort. In addition to external resources such as arcana. More importantly, a strong man's heart! Luo Feng looked ahead. " Heart like a knife. Will as one.. The way forward, any obstacles are just a joke! Wandering all the way. Be in awe and do fearless things. "Heart ice is like a mirror." You can see everything in the world. "The heart, like a knife, can cut off all obstacles." Luo Feng's eyes are cold. Then with a bang,american hot tub, it turned directly into a streamer. Fly to an island in the sea of fantasy. The heart is as cold as a mirror, which is a spiritual realm that Luo Feng has reached very early, and can keep absolutely cold at any time. And thirty years of meditation. The tragic death of a good friend, this is a shock! Let Luo Feng reflect on himself, and finally see himself clearly, with the same will, so that his heart is like a knife! The heart is like a mirror, and it is a peaceful aspect of the heart that reaches the acme. Heart like a knife. It is another aspect of the heart that reaches the acme. And Hong, Thor.. Both of them attach great importance to spiritual cultivation. Both of them have already reached a state of mind that can be called perfect. In the state of mind, they can be called Hong and Thor, who have reached the peak level of Chinese culture and the highest level of transmission. They pursue that their ancestors have already had all kinds of ways to hone, and finally achieve perfection. Maybe something else is bad. But in the state of mind.. Hong and Thor are among the most peaked groups in the universe. But Luo Feng can achieve in the mood, hot tub manufacturers ,garden jacuzzi tub, the heart is like a mirror.. Heart like a knife.. The gap with them has narrowed a lot. Chaos City. Luo Feng was one of a group of people who were listening to King Zhenyan's lecture. Hit by hand. Such a fantasy also wants to influence me? My heart is like a mirror, see all false! My heart is like a knife, cut off all illusions! Break it for me! Broken! Broken! Luo Feng's consciousness was like thunder, and he shouted loudly. Heaven and earth tremble and then crack directly, and the illusion is broken. It shows the original island scene, which is a white gravel island with some trees and flowers, quiet and beautiful. Luo Feng is standing on the gravel floor of an island. The distant sea.. It's dark. And now there is a touch of white in the distance, which is a deeper island. Only through an island fantasy, the next island will emerge in the fantasy sea. I want to see what fantasy can stop me! Luofeng rose to the sky in an instant. Into a stream of light. Fly to the sixth island. Yes Just now, Luofeng has entered five islands in the fantasy sea. Five islands, did not affect Luofeng! Update the fastest Chapter 10 The Sea of Fantasy In the deepest part of the Sea of Illusion, on the edge of the 21st island, an old man with black scales and armor, shrouded in golden robes, is sitting cross-legged. He is the manager of the whole Sea of Illusion. () "Hm?" The old man with black scales on his face opened his old eyes, looked into the distance, and exclaimed in a low voice, "How could a little guy of the ninth order of the universe break through the seventh island of the fantasy sea so easily?"? Many people in the world do not necessarily pass through this island, but he passed through it so easily. ” "Look at his details, eh, Luo Feng, a disciple of King Zhenyan?" "King Zhenyan is good at teaching his disciples, but he can't teach them in terms of consciousness and will. Look at which island this little guy can break into. If he can break into the ninth island, it will be great. That's what many masters can't break through." The old man with black scales smiled and looked into the void, watching the process of Luofeng entering the fantasy sea. A moment. The eighth island passes through? The old man with black scales and armor had a look of surprise in his eyes, and he stood up directly, "Did you really pass the eighth seat?" The 21 islands in the fantasy sea are actually very similar to the 21st floor of the flyover. But consciousness and will are very illusory and unpredictable. A little fellow at the apprentice level is not necessarily worse than a strong man at the master level in terms of will alone! Of course, the intensity of consciousness is certainly far less than the level of the world, but the pure will is very difficult to say! But the Sea of Illusion tests not only will but also consciousness. The intensity of his consciousness is not as strong as the peak of the Lord. The black scaly old man's eyes were full of shock, and he said in a low voice, "It's a great loss in fantasy, but obviously his will makes up for the lack of" consciousness "." "The firmness of will!" "The unshakable will!"! It's stronger than many strong people at the peak of the world! "The ninth island!" There is a trace of nervousness in the eyes of the old man with black scales. "The ninth island is the limit of the Lord of the world.". There are very few people in the world who can pass. This Luo Feng. From a small family of the ninth order of the universe. How is it possible to pass? It's impossible. On the ninth island, the rocks and gravel are all white. () Trees and plants are full of green, Luofeng is standing on a peak only three or four hundred meters high on the ninth island, the whole person stands as straight as a javelin, eyes cold, eyes like a knife,Chinese spa manufacturer, without the slightest hesitation and worry, just a few seconds, the illusion accompanied by pressure directly and completely enveloped Luofeng! "Boom!" 。 monalisa.com