Painting horror

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The existence of that time and space, has been ready to move, before long,ceramic bobbin element, people will be plunged into misery, the whole world, will be swept into it!" Mo Yeqing said lightly.

The vomiting goose demon rested and put his hand on his forehead, to be exact, the big goose bag on the top of his head: "Ga, the miscellaneous people have gone to hell!"! Ga.. “……” The other goose demon was silent, looking calmly at the other "people" in the street dressed in human clothes and with various animal heads. Fa Fa, miscellaneous people. When the goose demon had finished spitting, he wiped his mouth and came over. Your name is Wa! The goose demon was a little annoyed. Fa Fa. The goose demon felt that he had tried to enunciate clearly, clearly called'Fang Fei ', and came out of the goose's mouth like this. Your name is Wa! The goose demon called Fang Fei corrected the other party again, and he really couldn't stand the tone of his name in goose language. The conversation between the two goslings sounds really hard, but fortunately they can hear each other clearly. In order to tell the story clearly, just ignore their goslings and think that they speak standard human Mandarin. Yes, the two men with goose heads are Fang Fei and Weidong. Beep- "a voice rang out." Fang Fei, do you think only we can hear the sound of the time? Look at the cats, dogs and cows on the street. They don't seem to respond to the sound at all. Weidong doesn't need to take out his cell phone to know that the world has passed three hours now. Maybe. Only our ears can hear it. Although Fang Fei gave birth to a strange and absurd goose head,Ceramic Band Heater, her expression is still very cool. Weidong suddenly giggled twice: "Ear, do you know where your ear is?" Fang Fei glared at Weidong, but he really didn't know where the goose's ears were. Mother, I want to eat burning ears! A child of four or five years old on the street suddenly shouted that the child had a pig's head. The "pig mother" beside him said: "Little greedy, you also want to eat when you see people eating ears!" I saw a stall selling cooked food in the street, with steaming hearts and lungs in the pot,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and a lot of soft and fragrant ears. These ears are small, and often five or six are sold in a string, which is very popular. When Weidong saw those ears, he could not control them and almost spit them out. Fang Fei pulled Weidong away from the cooked food stall with an expressionless face, and the various human organs cooked in the big pot made her feel uncomfortable. Although I haven't experienced it personally, I've heard you talk about the painting Animal World. "Fang Fei looked at Weidong's goose-faced face after vomiting." Did you overreact? " Weidong wiped the big corner of the goose's mouth. "It seems that you haven't seen Journey to the West, have you?" "Of course I have." Fang Fei feels that this question is really unnecessary to ask, which Chinese children have not seen the classic summer TV series Journey to the West? I'm talking about the book Journey to the West. Weidong said. Fang Fei seldom reads novels. She has seen the TV series Journey to the West many times, but she has never thought of reading this book. Fang Fei: "Isn't the country we come from the country of lions and camels?"? There is also a Lion Camel Ridge outside the Lion Camel Country. These places are the territory of the three monsters, "Fang Fei continued in a low voice." They are the three brothers, the lion, steatite c221 ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the white elephant and the ROC. " Fang Fei still remembers the image of the blue-faced lion king in the TV series. Although it is not good-looking, it is not too horrible to watch. Weidong did not explain any more, but said, "I'm probably not as brave as Ke and Mu. I'll be weak." Weidong is reluctant to say more about things that have nothing to do with clues, so as not to create unnecessary psychological burden for Fang Fei. Weidong is all too familiar with the country of lions and camels described in Journey to the West. Because this is the most horrible country in the whole Journey to the West, and it is also the most unforgettable story for readers. Weidong admits that stories that are creepy and even physically and mentally horrible can easily make people want to relive them over and over again. I am like this, occasionally pick up Journey to the West, once I turn to the place about "Lion Camel Country", I can always read it with "relish".. So, when two people first came to this world, although it was in the middle of the night, but the overwhelming smell made every hair wake up. When Weidong saw the faint scenes in the dark night with the help of the weak light of his mobile phone, he knew that he and Fang Fei had come to a veritable hell. At this time, two people have not grown a dull goose head, two people are still genuine Fang Fei and Weidong. Fang Fei didn't have so many worries. Seeing the scene in the dark, she only said, "It's a little soft to step on." "There is a mountain over there made of skeletons," he said. Weidong did not speak, strong hold back the desire to vomit, and Fang Fei with the help of "trees and rocks", all the way to hide like a thief. As for the world of "Lion Camel Ridge", Weidong remembers that there is a special song in Journey to the West to describe it: Skeleton Ruo Ling, A forest of skeletons. Felt of human hair, Human skin and flesh rot into mud and dust. A man's sinews are entangled in a tree. Dry and bright as silver. It's really a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. Sure enough, the stench is bad. It is precisely because of this understanding that Weidong knows every scene here like the palm of his hand, what is under his feet, what is hanging on the trees, and what is piled up on the mountains-but at the moment, he and Fang Fei are the natural prey of those monsters. In this way, they covered up and walked for a long time at night. At dawn, they saw an old woman with white hair sitting under a tree crying. The old woman may be a man, or she may be a man-eating monster. But when you meet the first NPC in the painting, how can you not talk to him? So the two men accosted the old woman and got the answer that all the people in her village had been eaten up by the monster on the mountain. Weidong looked at the old woman thin and weak, so he took out the dry food from his backpack and gave it to her. The old woman thanked them and said, "Now that you have come to this place, you will have no chance to go out." "Then how can I get out?" Of course,cordierite c520, Weidong knows that if he finds the "debris", he can get out safely, but how can he find the debris in the present world? Find it in the human felt under your feet? Find it in the human tendons wrapped around the tree? Or from the skulls piled up on the hill.