How to use a family blood pressure monitor and precautions

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The main content is how to choose a suitable blood pressure monitor tester and the precautions in the use of the product. Are you sure you don't want such a portable blood pressure monitor?

How to choose a family blood pressure monitor

An introduction to home blood pressure monitor

Household pressure monitor refer to pressure monitor used at home. Generally, household pressure monitor will choose electronic pressure monitor. Today's electronic pressure monitor are very convenient to use, and the data is relatively accurate, especially suitable for families with elderly people. Now people generally pay more attention to health, so it will become a common phenomenon to have a pressure tester at home, but everyone must have some problems when choosing a pressure tester. Next, I will give you a good chat about the home pressure tester, and those who are going to buy a pressure tester should not miss it. Home use pressure monitor are different from those used in hospitals. Home use emphasizes convenience and simplicity. Therefore, when choosing a pressure gauge, we should pay attention to this feature, which is the point of emphasis on ease of use.

Choice of home blood pressure monitor

In the electronic pressure gauge, there are three different styles: arm type, wrist type and finger type. How to choose these three styles of pressure monitor? For measuring blood pressure at home, it is recommended that you use an upper arm type intelligent electronic manometer. Shenzhen Fitconn Technology has a blood pressure monitor RJA-001 that uses intelligent compression technology and automatic measurement. It is also very simple and convenient for the elderly to operate. Click to complete the measurement, the measurement result will be displayed immediately, and a correct judgment will be made for the measurement result. If it is the daily test of hypertensive patients, it is not recommended to use wrist-type and finger-type electronic sphygmomanometer, because these two kinds of pressure monitor are used to measure the blood pressure of the small blood vessels at the end of the human body to obtain the blood pressure of the large blood vessels. The process will produce errors, so it is not recommended to use. Elderly people can choose an arm-type manometer as much as possible. This blood pressure monitor RJA-001 is more convenient to use and does not require too many technical things and professional understanding. Just follow the instructions step by step. Here we mainly introduce Learn how to use an electronic sphygmomanometer.

How to use a home pressure monitor

Before using the electronic manometer, make some preparations, do not exercise, pay attention to urination, and let the body be in a normal state of relaxation. Then put the cuff of the electronic pressure gauge on the arm, slowly let the air in the cuff exhausted, the arm will feel pressure, palm up, do not speak, do not swing the body and hand, the position of the cuff on the arm It is best to be at the level of the heart, and be careful not to put it through thick clothes, it is better to use it on the bare arm. Finally, turn on the start button of the electronic manometer to measure, check the measurement time according to the manual of the electronic manometer, and then look at the value on the manometer to determine your blood pressure value, which can be taken after 3-5 minutes of rest Measure again and take the average of the two to be more accurate. Strictly speaking, the blood pressure of a person is different at every moment, it varies with the person's psychological state, time, season, temperature, as well as the measured part (arm or wrist) and body position (sitting or lying). and changed. Therefore, it is normal for the blood pressure to be different each time.

Buying a Home blood pressure monitor

As early as 2008, the World Hypertension League put forward a call to "measure blood pressure at home". In a familiar environment, people's mentality will tend to be peaceful, and they will not be easily disturbed and fluctuated. This will also make the measured data more realistic. Therefore, it is more important to choose a home manometer when measuring blood pressure at home. Shenzhen Fitconn Technology is committed to bringing convenience and health to customers, paying attention to people's health problems, focusing on research and development, and putting product quality first. This blood pressure monitor RJA-001 is a quiet measurement, and the data measured at home is also trustworthy and accurate. It measures irregular heartbeat indicators with one key, and it is easy to use. It will be a good choice to choose to start with.