MMOSO - WoW WotLK Classic patch corrects loot bug, summons pets

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MMOSO - WoW WotLK Classic patch corrects loot bug, summons pets

WoW WotLK Classic hotfix brings some bug fixes to the game, including tweaks to the loot system, summon pet levels, and heirlooms not working. You can buy WotLK Classic on

WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic continues to collect a series of small bugs that hinder the retro MMORPG experience for many players.

On October 19th, developer Blizzard Entertainment released a hotfix for WotLK Classic aimed at addressing some of these issues.

Patch notes for hotfixes address a large number of issues. One of the major fixes was a change to ensure that all encounters respect the team's loot settings, as sometimes the game won't respect the team's Master Looter.

Some spells have been fixed and adjusted, such as Mind Flay and other "spells like that", which will now no longer benefit from the movement penalty reduction as a casting speed bonus. Additionally, Warrior's Bloodlust level 3 now triggers every six seconds instead of every nine seconds.

The last spell change is Blessing of Wisdom, which occasionally incorrectly provided more benefits in raid encounters when changed to a spec without enhanced Blessing of Wisdom.

Another major fix is ​​for classes that summon pets, as Blizzard has fixed an issue where summoned pets would spawn at incorrect levels. While players are still reporting bugs where pets have halved health when dismounting and dismounting, the level bug has been corrected.

Heirlooms should now correctly give their combat rank bonus, as there was an issue in the past, when they didn't. These aren't all bug fixes, but the major issues that have the biggest impact on gameplay. will continue to provide you with the Wrath Classic Guide, if you want to see other guides, return to MMOSO's news page. Players who need to buy WotLK Classic Gold can click here directly. link: will be a very trusted partner on your gaming journey and a great place to Buy WoW Classic WotLK Gold. Happy gaming!