The principle and advantages of parylene coating

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With the development of surface mount technology and the increasing miniaturization of components, the printed circuit components are also developing in the direction of miniaturization and high density, and Parylene coating has achieved more reliable protection.

Parylene is prepared by a unique vacuum vapor deposition process. The active small molecules form a fully conformal polymer film coating on the surface of the substrate, which has performance advantages that are difficult to compare with other coatings. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including sharp edges, inside cracks.

This 0.1-100 micron thin film coating prepared by room temperature deposition has uniform thickness, dense, no pinholes, transparent, no stress, no additives, no damage to the workpiece, excellent electrical insulation and protection, and is a contemporary effective Moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-salt spray coating material.

1.Parylene coating process:

Parylene raw material is a powdery material, which is placed in the evaporation furnace of the coating equipment. The solid raw material is transformed into a gaseous state by vacuum at 150 degrees Celsius, and then the gaseous raw material is cracked under the condition of 650-700 degrees Celsius. reactive monomers. The gaseous monomers are deposited and polymerized at room temperature at nanometer scale by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition).

2. Advantages of using Parylene:

(1) Moisture-proof and waterproof, up to IP68

(2) Can resist acid and alkali corrosion

(3) Anti-dissolution (will not be dissolved in common solvents)

(4) High temperature resistance (use temperature up to 140 degrees), severe cold resistance (minus 200 degrees)

(5) Has an unparalleled barrier effect (low gas permeability)

(6) Strong reliability and extremely high dielectric strength

(7) The coating is uniform, transparent and extremely thin

(8) Can be applied to surfaces of various shapes, including sharp edges and cracks

(9) Economical and clean, simple process, fast speed and strong batch processing capability

The combination of the unique preparation process and excellent performance of Parylene raw materials enables it to perform full-coating on small and ultra-small magnetic materials. The magnetic materials can be soaked in hydrochloric acid for more than 10 days without corrosion. , Almost all use Parylene as insulation and protective coating.


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