The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

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Money, money, money, money. When it comes to money, they are not intimate. These two pots of "water poured out"

Money, money, money, money. When it comes to money, they are not intimate. These two pots of "water poured out" are also depressed. Didn't they ask for a lot of money when they were married? The last time I said that my old mother was seriously ill and took a sum of money, did I really think that I was a cash cow or a bank? This time is not like the last time, when I was young, I said, "Girls are all raised for other people's families.". When they grow up, they don't care about the character and appearance of the man's family. They just care about how much betrothal gifts they want, and they don't think about their own lives at all. Now, if you want money, you think, oh, don't you have a daughter? They also deep summer old woman's true marrow, where is willing to manage these matters, directly said: "Now also?"? No! Old Mrs. Xia was so angry about these things that she couldn't die for a while. That aunt two aunts is also a fierce character, think before just married to the Xia family, was this old woman to clean up enough choke, fortunately they put their own men under control,Self-closing Faucet, otherwise like the third daughter-in-law. Now the old woman finally collapsed on the bed, humming and chirping, and they felt the dark clouds over their heads suddenly disperse. In his spare time, he would move a stool and sit in the yard to bask in the sun, then talk loudly and laugh loudly from time to time. I don't know if they did it on purpose or if they said it to Mrs. Xia on purpose. Zi Qing feels that this plot world is really, really. Completely beyond her imagination and expectations. Is it necessary for her to retaliate? She feels that what they are doing now is much better than what they are doing. The Xia family finally stopped, but it seems that the village will still often hear all kinds of quarrels and scolds,Prison toilet for sale, can only say that every family has its own problems. Summer mother postpartum body recovered very quickly, probably no one scolded her, she buried herself in work every day, has been very calm, the spirit has not appeared any abnormalities. Zi Qing also finally know the name of the summer mother Wu Daying, her generation is big, women are generally named "Ying, Xiu, Yun, Hua" and so on. Alas, Zi Qing felt a gentle sigh from her body, as well as a trace of relief. Just a little bit.. Because her own life is just beginning. Ziqing saw that his "golden finger" was just "this baby is really sensible" in people's eyes, so he simply let go of his hands and feet, and began to run all over the mountains and plains to dig herbs, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, catch cicada slough, catch gophers, weasels and so on. Everything that can be sold for money is sold for money. Xia Xiaoju is now watching Ziqing more closely. Before she went to school in the morning, she came to Ziqing and asked her what she was going to do today. When she came back at noon, she would come to her again. She even took the initiative to show her the teacher's text. When she got home in the afternoon, she took Ziqing to the hillside. She stopped playing hogweed now and threw it directly to her two brothers. For the sake of money, the second uncle and aunt are also very supportive of Xia Xiaoju. Invisibly, there was one more person on top of Ziqing's head to protect him. Xia Xiaoju is famous for her temperament, so no one in the courtyard dares to bully Ziqing, even other children in the village can not find Ziqing trouble. And without Ziqing saying, Xia Xiaoju herself proposed that they should keep secrets and never let a third person know the secret of their money. In this way, Zi Qing's previously hanging heart was finally completely put down. Chapter 1275 true and honest people. From summer to autumn, from autumn to winter, because Xia Xiaoju followed her everywhere, she found that everything was exposed to the eyes of others. Even if the herbs are sold for a few cents and the hare is sold for a few yuan, Xia Xiaoju will give you a clear calculation. Finally, she even offered to "keep" for her, but Ziqing immediately refused. It seems that it is not convenient for a small person to do anything. She could even imagine that only when Xia Xiaoju went to junior high school in the town and did not have to come back for lunch at noon, maybe things would get better. In this way, I still have several years to endure. If it is really to gain the mulberry elm and lose the east corner, and enjoy the "cover" of others, it is natural to pay all the price of "sincere meeting". Zi Qing is also a little confused now, why does Xia Xiaoju keep a close eye on everything about herself? Is it just because she thinks of herself as her "cash cow"? You should know that her life in the original plot is quite moist compared with Xia Xi. Now even if she wants to get benefits from herself, she has given them to herself. What else does she want to do? Do you want to control yourself completely? Zi Qing shuddered at the thought of this. Suddenly she feels that making money seems to have become less important, because her body is too small now, there is no ability to protect the wealth, how can you earn more, people know better than you. Of course, there is also a way once and for all, that is, to remove all the existence that may become a stumbling block to oneself. Zi Qing gently pulled the corners of her mouth, oh, she had not reached the point of being so insane. So now it's time to wait and grow up. Wu Daying's attitude towards life, Ziqing is really powerless. Every day, no matter how busy and tired the work in the fields at home is, Wu Daying will cook meals for Xia Zhengming in all weathers. If the other party is in a good mood, he will scold her, and if he is in a bad mood, he will directly swing his crutch and greet her without a face. No matter how badly others treat her and how badly they treat her, she seems to have no feelings. Zi Qing once asked her, "Mom, are you in pain?"? Why do you treat him so well when he treats you so well? But there was a trace of sadness in Wu Daying's indifferent expression: "He has lost both legs. He must be in pain.". He is the pillar of the family. What's going to happen to him. Others will try to bully our orphans and widows. This is probably the most complete and "formal" sentence Wu Daying said to her after Ziqing entered the mission world. Of course, this is also related to the fact that she runs the spiritual formula every day. It can calm the mood. However, the spiritual formula only made her calm, from a diligent and virtuous woman who was easily irritable to a silent woman who was calm and only knew how to work. He is the kind of person who doesn't know how to say a word when he suffers a loss. Ziqing felt that she could not understand her brain circuit at all. It turns out that the so-called Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, there really is such a person in the world. Hope to be scolded, like to be beaten, what is this called? I asked for it!.