The age of idols

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"I'm sorry, Zheng Yu-kun.." Hearing Li Zhengyu's words, Sakurai clearly felt Li Zhengyu's anger. To this, Sakurai

"I'm sorry, Zheng Yu-kun.." Hearing Li Zhengyu's words, Sakurai clearly felt Li Zhengyu's anger. To this, Sakurai Leah can only feel guilty, "I'm sorry.." "I'm sorry?"? I'm sorry Sakurai Leah's answer made Li Zhengyu laugh, but the laughter seemed very strange, "Leah, goodbye.." We will never see each other again.. With that, Li Zhengyu threw the mobile phone out. In the blink of an eye, the mobile phone disappeared from Li Zhengyu's sight. [Volume III, sTaR, Chapter 123, Affirmative Response] () In Rr, although AV actress is also a relatively normal profession. However, this profession is not very popular. To put it simply, most people still look down on AV actresses. Of course, it's just a little low. For Li Zhengyu and Sakurai Leah suddenly burst out of the scandal, many media reporters carried out crazy reports. Its momentum is even greater than that of Prime Minister Rrin the general election. You know,Concealed Flush Valve, who is Li Zhengyu? That is the super popular idol of Rrnowadays, and it is also a superstar. Suddenly, she had an affair with Leah Sakurai, who made her debut as an AV actress, which caused a sensation and caused widespread controversy throughout the world. It is no wonder that many media reporters will be so crazy, it is this'scandal 'incident is too shocking. And Li Zhengyu did not hold a press conference at the first time, which was even more imaginative. Media reports from other Asian countries and regions,Self-closing Shower Valve, such as South Korea and China, have some doubts about Lee Jung-woo's criteria for choosing a spouse: AV actress? Maybe it's okay to play "", but if you really have a relationship, it's absolutely impossible. In this environment, the press conference held by Li Zhengyu in the second round has attracted wide attention. Not only many media from Rrwere present, but also important media from Asian countries and regions such as Korea and China were present. Zheng Yu, you know what to say later.. Approaching the stage, Park Sung-jun opened his mouth and told Lee Jung-woo, "I don't ask you to deny the relationship with Sakurai Leah, but you have to control the degree of it.." "Don't worry.." Taking a deep breath, Li Zhengyu sighed slowly, "Brother Cheng Jun, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Flushometer valve, I just know Sakurai Leah.." Although there was a smile on his face, it gave people a very reluctant feeling. Fine With a slight nod, Park Sung-jun responded noncommittally. From Li Zhengyu's words, Park Chengjun understood Li Zhengyu's meaning. Although it is not clear what happened in this? But for Park Chengjun, the current situation seems to be the most ideal. Next, let's welcome DEREK and his agent Park Sung-jun.. The voice of the host spread to the backstage, indicating that Li Zhengyu should appear. Moving their feet, Lee Jung-woo and Park Sung-jun stepped onto the stage one after another. When Li Zhengyu's figure appeared, many media reporters at the scene immediately had some sāo to move. All kinds of cameras were aimed at Li Zhengyu on the stage, and the media reporters pressed the button crazily. Slightly bowed to the numerous media reporters, Li Zhengyu and Park Chengjun sat down. He reached out his hand and motioned, and Park Sung-jun's action made the whole venue suddenly quiet. If you have anything to ask, you can ask.. Park Chengjun nodded with satisfaction at the silence of the venue at this time, and then opened his mouth and said, "As long as it is relevant, DEREK and I will try our best to answer your questions.". But if it's an unrelated issue, then DEREK and I can only apologize.. The reason why he said this before the media reporters opened their mouths to ask, Park Chengjun was also afraid that these media reporters would ask any questions when they came to the "affirmative reply to Chapter 123 of the Idol Age". In that case, it will be very troublesome. For Lee Jung-woo and Park Sung-jun, the purpose of the press conference was to deal with the scandal between Sakurai Leah and Lee Jung-woo, not to ask questions specifically to these media reporters. As for what Park Chengjun said, the media reporters present are not new people like rookies, and naturally they know it. Therefore, as soon as Park Sung-jun's words were finished, they raised their hands one after another, scrambling for the right to ask questions first. Scanning a circle of media reporters present, Park Chengjun reached out and pointed to the reporter representing the Yomiuri Shimbun, indicating that the other side could be the first to ask questions. After all, this is RrBen, and Park Sung-jun also needs to consider the news media in RrBen. As for the influence and importance of Yomiuri Shimbun in Rrìben, there is absolutely no doubt about it. It must be right to give the Yomiuri Shimbun the first chance to ask questions. Hello, I'm a reporter from the Yomiuri Shimbun.. The reporter who was selected by Park Sung-jun reacted quickly and immediately raised the first question about the scandal between Sakurai and DEREK, which has now become a topic of concern for all. I wonder if Leah Sakurai and DEREK know each other? Is there any intimate relationship? "I'm sorry, you asked two questions.." The Yomiuri Shimbun reporter's question made Park Chengjun frown slightly and said directly, "So, DEREK can only choose to answer your first question.." "I do know Leah Sakurai.." At Park Chengjun's signal that he could open his mouth, Li Zhengyu opened his mouth and answered. Li Zhengyu chose a positive answer to the question of whether he knew Sakurai Leah. After all, this is the truth. Even if Li Zhengyu denies it, with the ability of media reporters, it can certainly be found. Hello, I'm a reporter from Sankei Shimbun.. Behind the Yomiuri Shimbun,stainless steel toilet, a reporter from the Sankei Shimbun asked, "I want to know, how did Sakurai and DEREK know each other?" 。