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The sky outside the car was getting darker and darker, and the weak starlight appeared in the night sky.

The sky outside the car was getting darker and darker, and the weak starlight appeared in the night sky. In the dim environment, Rong Yi's side face was blurred, and only his eyes were shining, like two moonstones. Cancelled. Rong Yi's steady shift accelerated, and his voice was scattered in the wind: "The herdsmen in Qingchuan are hospitable, and guests from afar will be warmly welcomed.". Especially in the evening, they will express their welcome with wine. Lin Yan nodded. "Aren't most people like that?" Rong Yi smiled and looked back at her. "But the herdsmen on the prairie are famous for their good capacity for liquor and slow drinking." "Slow wine?" "Just don't drink in a hurry, chat and drink slowly, and usually drink until the next morning." Rong also accelerated, and then stopped steadily in front of a tent. Lin Yan observed the nearby terrain and vaguely remembered the way she had come. She jumped out of the car and asked, "Does that mean Chen Weiyan wants to drink a lot of wine?" Rong also nodded and went to the tent to light the fire that had been prepared for a long time. Lin Yan followed him over, opened the boxes in her arms one by one, and sat in front of the fire with her. Yes. So, it's better not to stay there. Rong Yi fiddled with the fire with a wooden stick. Lin Yan's eyes were shining in the light of the fire. He turned his eyes away and said in a low voice, "Highland barley wine is not the wine we usually drink, but in the final analysis, it is grain wine. If you drink too much, you will suffer." The twilight was low, and the starry sky on the plateau began to be like a lamp, lit up one after another. Lin Yan is the first time such a close contact with the stars, the plateau altitude is very high, people will always have the illusion that the sky is very close to their own. The starry sky, like a huge glass cover, enveloped the grassland where they lived. The distant peaks were dark in the night, and the white snow could be seen on the top of the peaks. Lin Yan could not help but raise her hand enough enough starry sky,jujube seed powder, but was interrupted by a click behind her. Only then did she realize that she seemed to be making a fool of herself. She coughed twice in embarrassment and turned to see Rong Yi holding the camera, the lens pointing straight at her. Be natural. Rong Yiwen said, changing his posture. Lin Yan adjusted her sliding Tibetan clothes and smiled shyly: "I, forget it." Rong also smiled, the opposite girl seems to be the first time to see such scenery, naive and Frank, and in the work of contact with the feeling of a lot of difference. She wore dirty braids and Tibetan clothes, and her bright little face seemed to shine against the night sky. Rong Yi took a few more pictures before he stopped. Lin Yan ran over to Rong Yi to look at the photos in the camera, and found that he really looked at himself a little bit in the photos. Touching? In the final analysis, the photographer's skill is good. Lin Yan exclaimed a few times, plate legs to eat Chen Weiyan to her small things to eat, which is mostly some snacks made by Yang Zhuo's family, she turned inside, stesweet stevia ,pumpkin seed extract, but also found two cups of cold milk tea. The wind in the grassland is still very strong at night, but it is much smaller than that in the daytime. From here, Lin Yan could see a lake in the distance, and from time to time there were a few nocturnal animals. She leaned over to Rong Yi and asked in a low voice, "Are there any wolves on the prairie?" Rong Yi's hand holding the milk tea paused, and out of the corner of his eye he glanced at her frowning brows: "Yes, but hunting for a long time and environmental pollution are not often seen now." He glanced at Lin Yan, who breathed a sigh of relief, and continued: "But there are still a lot of snakes here, which belong to Qinghai snakes. There are mainly the most venomous intermediary snakes in the country, as well as the pillow Wen Elaphe, tiger snake and so on." Lin Yan just breathed a sigh of relief, by his later words of the whole scalp tingling, hurriedly quietly to Rong also moved here. Snakes ah, in her native northerners, really see very few snakes. Even if he occasionally saw one or two domestic snakes, he would be invited away by the old man as a God. To be honest, she was really afraid of this hairless invertebrate. She looked around at the darkness and felt the rustling grass was full of snakes moving. But here is not out of the scenic area, the grass is not very deep, if you go a little further inside, the grass begins to be half a person's height, the snake will be a little more. Rong also looked at her holding her shoulders, a look of fear, after all, still can not bear to frighten her again. When Lin Yan heard this, she turned her head. Oh, this man is a thief. She looked at the stars all over the sky, drank cool milk tea, and chatted with Rong. Do you have any idea about the work? Rong also asked. It's a little bit, but I still want to focus on my own creation. Lin Yan sighed. Still not used to commercial painting? "No, I've done it before, but my brain doesn't seem to work very well recently." Lin Yan pulled up a piece of grass and wrapped it around her fingertips. In fact, I don't care. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with linking hobbies with work. Lin Yan continued. In fact, more often than not, thanks to her work, she can use the skills she has learned more skillfully. As far as a painter is concerned, is it better to have more soul in his paintings or to have higher commercial value? But everyone's choice is different, some people pay attention to the benefits of the work, some people pay attention to the life of a work itself. Choosing this kind of thing in life is often not a way to be regulated to death. Don't you think that after work and hobbies are hooked up, the fatigue of work will wear down the good feelings of hobbies? Rong also asked in a low voice. I don't feel it. Sometimes I feel it's good to work and do what I like. It's much better than doing something you don't like and have to do. Lin Yan knocked on the silver cup of milk tea and suddenly felt some humidity in the air. Rong Yi, do you feel as if there is something strange? Lin Yan suddenly stood up. Rong Yi was silent for a while and said in a low voice, "The wind stopped all of a sudden." They looked at each other and quickly took out the walkie-talkie in their arms. r: Do the stars look good? 、Chapter 11 The wind stopped without warning,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Lin Yan and Rong also stood in front of the tent, big eyes to small eyes, each other silent. The fire at his feet gradually went out and reflected on the faces of the two men.