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Although the leaders of the moon-worshipping religion in the past Dynasties did not practice the art,

Although the leaders of the moon-worshipping religion in the past Dynasties did not practice the art, because of their blood relationship, they had resistance to any art in the religion, and the same was true for the anti-devouring power. Therefore, the priests of the past Dynasties would transfer their own effects to the religious leader through the Taiyin Star, and then eliminate them by virtue of her natural endowment. Otherwise, such a powerful spell is often used, and no sorcerer can withstand that kind of anti-devouring power. The relationship between the leader and the priest seems to be such a strange interdependence from the day the worship of the moon was founded more than a hundred years ago. One is in charge of the doctrine, the other is in charge of the power, and each is divided, but neither of them can support the situation alone without the other. Apart from the successful rebellion five years ago, the worship of the moon has been stable for more than a hundred years. Ahem, what good will it do you if I'm eaten away by those ghosts? With a wry smile, the white-clothed priest, who was gradually recovering, shook his head. "Do you know I met Xiao Yiqing last night?"! If he hadn't been sick, do you think I would have come back alive? Ming River. You're making a big joke. The hand clinging to the ivory fan shook, and the eyes of the leader of the worship of the moon suddenly brightened. Putting away the fan, she stood up with a dignified look and a slight sneer: "Good." After twenty years of waiting, what should come will come after all! "Everything happened exactly as the Ice Mausoleum had foreseen, didn't it?" With a wave of his hand,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he ordered the disciple holding the plate to step down. Garo stood up, raised his hand and touched the wind chimes hanging under the porch. I don't believe that the Church of Moon Worship is doomed to perish in this battle! Clenching the fan, the beautiful eyes of the Master of Worship of the Moon were firm and cold. "Why?" "With that pile of dry bones under the holy lake." Jia Ruo gazed at a white cloud far away in the sky, not surprised by the reminder of light dust, "Don't forget.." How did the first generation of the goddess of the moon die? "She deserved it!" Some exasperated, worshipping the moon religious leader lost his grace to scold, and then looked calm again, some resentful answer,wire nail machine manufacturers, "besides, this is also the dead old religious leader to do things, why should we pay this old debt?" "Some people have been waiting for twenty years to collect this account." With a sigh, the priest in white stretched out his hand to turn the wind chimes and said lightly, "You killed your mother and usurped power, and became the leader of the worship of the moon. Naturally, even the old debts she owed will be inherited." "If you..!" As if poked to the sore spot, the beautiful and matchless leader of the worship of the moon changed his face in an instant, and then suddenly sneered, "Don't forget, we are accomplices in this matter!"! When we agreed to usurp power, we had a good cooperation! Don't get rid of it so quickly. You have a share of this old account to inherit! Garo's face was as motionless as a stone carving, but his eyes gradually showed a look of disgust. Garo, you knew last night! Without me, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine price, what's the use of your magic? We are in the same boat. If the boat sinks, we will die together! Watching him turn his head and leave, the leader of the worship of the moon coldly dropped his last words, with a lonely light on his face, but with a secret fear flashing at the bottom of his eyes. Besides. Ha, I really can't imagine what will happen after you die. Those resentful spirits have put up with you for so long, I'm afraid they will bite your spirit body, right? Oh, hehe.. Covers the mouth with the fan to chuckle, worships the moon religious leader actually to look at the person who leaves with the corner of the eye, as his footsteps walk away, the sense of panic is deeper and deeper. The wind chimes hanging all over the corridor whirled and sounded in the wind, but the white clothes kept drifting away along the corridor. Garo! Garo!.. The priest's white clothes finally disappeared at the corner of the corridor, and the leader of the worship of the moon finally blurted out, his face was already pale, "You, how can you ignore me?"? How can you leave me alone? The hand loosened and the ivory fan fell to the ground with a "bang". As if unable to support herself, she shook her body and slowly sat down under the wind chimes along the pillar. Suddenly, the beautiful woman raised her hand to cover her face and began to cry silently. The feeling of powerlessness finally came out of her self-concealing heart and knocked her down. She is a weak woman who can't do anything. She has nothing but the so-called "blood of the moon God" inherited from her blood. She can't even do magic, nor can she protect herself. She could do nothing but sit on a throne and receive the worship of her parishioners as a symbol of the worship of the moon. Although there are two messengers in the church, Qinghui and Guguang, who know the art, their spiritual power is less than half of that of the priests. If Jia Ruo put down his hands, then in the face of the Tingxuelou led by Xiao Jing, where is the way out for the worship of the moon? Maybe she did something wrong. What she had done last night, and the tone of her voice just now, might have annoyed him. Threatening him with death, I'm afraid, aroused his anger even more? Unexpectedly, ten years. She, or the worship of the moon, in his mind, is such an unmentionable role. Ten years ago, at the age of 15, she rescued the dying young man in white from outside the Nayan Stronghold. His mother, who was the leader of the sect, somehow subdued him, making this young man with amazing spiritual power a member of the sect. Five years ago, he joined forces with her to overthrow her mother, the former leader of the worship of the moon sect. She ascended the throne and he became a priest. They finally got out of control and got what they wanted. However, how lonely it is to sit in this position-the loneliness that drives people crazy! It was not until she became a religious leader that she understood the relief in her mother's eyes before she died-she also understood why her mother, who had been a religious leader all her life, had such an intolerable tyrannical temper. It turned out that the leaders of the worship of the moon in the past Dynasties were all people who sacrificed their hearts to the moon God. Their life, in addition to loneliness, will never have anything else. There seemed to be another gust of wind, and she heard the wind chimes above her head tinkling. I don't know what kind of birds flew into the garden, causing the sound of flower bells. After living together for ten years in southern Xinjiang,Automatic Nail Making Machine, for Garo, who became a priest, perhaps this garden full of unconscious flowers and plants and devoted love is more. 3shardware.com