Kawabata Yasunari-Snow Country

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"Look at you, drunk." "Well, I said I would come." "Oh, yes." "The road here is so dark that you can't see your hand.".

"Look at you, drunk." "Well, I said I would come." "Oh, yes." "The road here is so dark that you can't see your hand.". "Oh, how sad!" "It's a good thing you were able to climb that slope." "Who cares? How can you manage so much?" With a sound of "hum", the foal suddenly leaned over and rolled. Shimamura was so depressed that he wanted to get up, but because he was suddenly awakened, he shook twice and fell down again. He was surprised to rest his head on something hot. It's like a fire, fool! "Really? It's a fire pillow. It'll burn you!" "Really." Shimamura closed his eyes, and a burst of heat seeped into his forehead, and then he felt his own existence directly. With the fierce breathing of the foal, the so-called reality came over. It seemed to be a kind of regret that made people attached,aluminium coated tubes, and it was also like a heart waiting for revenge. I said I would come. The foal kept repeating this sentence. Now that I've been here, I'll go back. I'm going to wash my hair. After a while, she got up and began to drink water. How can you go back like this? I want to go back. I have company. Where are the bath utensils? Shimamura stood up and turned on the light. The foal covered his face with his hands and fell on the mat. Hate She wore yuanlu sleeves [a kimono with narrow sleeves decorated with gold and silver filigree patterns, which was popular during the reign of yuanlu (1688-1703)]. Gorgeous jacket, wearing a black collar pajamas,stainless steel tube 304, tied with a narrow belt. So he could not see the collar of his shirt, and he was so drunk that even his bare feet were red, and he shrank as if he were going to hide. This look is very cute. She seems to have thrown away all the bath utensils, and soap and combs are scattered all over the floor. Cut it for me. I brought the scissors, too. "Cut what?" "This one!" The foal put his hand behind the bun, "I want to cut off the hair rope at home, but my hand is not obedient, so I come here by the way and ask you to cut it." Shimamura parted her hair and cut the hair rope. With each cut, the foal brushed off his wig and gradually calmed down. What time is it now "It's already three o'clock." "Oh, impact beam tubes ,precision welded tubes, is it so late?"? Don't even cut off your real hair! "It's so much." He picked up a handful of hair, which sent out a stream of heat. Is it three o'clock already? Probably came back from the party and fell asleep as soon as he lay down. I have an appointment with my friends. That's why they invited me. They must think I've gone somewhere. "Are they waiting for you?" The three of us went into the public bath. There were supposed to be six parties, but only four. Next week is the red leaf season, and it's busy enough. Thank you As he combed his loose hair, the foal raised his face and chuckled sweetly. Hee Hee, how ridiculous. Then she picked up a bunch of wigs helplessly. Thanks for keeping my friend waiting. I should go. When I come back, I won't come to you anymore. "Can you see the way?" "Visible." But she stepped on the hem of the dress and shook it a few times. Shimamura remembered that she found time to come twice a day, at such unusual times as seven in the morning and three in the middle of the night, and felt unusual. The fellows are decorating the maple branches at the door of the inn, just like decorating the pine branches for the New Year. This is an expression of welcome for visitors to appreciate maple trees. The temporary employee pointed out in an arrogant tone and said with self-mockery that he was running around to make a living. There is a kind of person who comes to work in the mountain hot springs near here from the time when the maple leaves are green to the time when the maple leaves are red. In winter, he goes to Izu hot spring baths such as Atami and Nagaoka to make a living. He is one of these people. You don't have to work at the same inn every year. He likes to show off his experience in the busy hot spring bathing place in Izu, and secretly talks about the shortcomings of the work of receiving guests in this area. The way he rubbed his hands and begged for help showed his insincere attitude. Sir, have you ever seen Tongcaoguo? If you want to eat it, I'll bring it to you. He said this to Shimamura, who had come back from a walk, and then tied Tongcaoguo and its vines to the maple branches covered with red leaves. The maple branches were probably picked from the mountains, as high as the eaves, and the bright colors immediately brightened the gate, and the red leaves were surprisingly large. Shimamura took a look at the cold Tongcaoguo and accidentally looked at the other side of the accounting room, only to see the leaves sitting by the stove. The inner shopkeeper is guarding the copper pot to warm the wine. The leaf sat opposite her, and every time she was asked something, she nodded happily. She wore neither snow pants nor a short kimono, but a silk kimono that looked like it had just been starched. Are you here to help? Shimamura asked the man as if nothing had happened. Yeah, we're shorthanded. Thanks to her help. "The same as you?" "Uh-huh.". She's a country girl. She's different. Leaf always helps in the kitchen and never goes to dinner with guests. There were more guests, and the maid's voice in the kitchen became louder, but she did not hear the beautiful voice of the leaves. The maid in charge of Shimamura's room said that the leaves had a strange habit of bathing before going to bed and singing in the bath, but he had never heard of it. However, at the thought of the leaf in this inn, for some reason,cold drawn tubes, Shimamura was a little restrained in looking for the foal. Although Komako loved him, he had a sense of emptiness and always regarded her love as a kind of beautiful futility. Even then, the foal's desire for survival touched him like naked skin. He pitied the foal and himself. He seemed to feel that the eyes of the leaves radiated a light that seemed to see through the situation. He was also attracted to this woman. cbiesautomotive.com