You are my little fortune (female lawyer vs male doctor)

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He spoke with certainty Cong Rong immediately felt a tight heart she felt that Wen Shaoqing must have played

He spoke with certainty Cong Rong immediately felt a tight heart she felt that Wen Shaoqing must have played a trick in the dish just now otherwise the acquaintance but a few months the first time to meet people how can she give birth to joy There was a smile in his eyes a warmth in his smile a spring breeze in his warmth and she heard the sound of her heart in the wind That day was Miscellaneous fixed on that smile in the depths of Cong Rong's memory That smile was so touching that soon after Lin Chen expressed his love to her euphemistically she said devilishly that she didn't like lawyers What do you like Lin Chen asked bluntly She remembered that her answer was that she liked doctors There are so many doctors in the world but Lin Chen understood at once Ridiculously at that time Wen Shaoqing had already returned abroad to continue her studies She and Wen Shaoqing had only met once Apart from a simple greeting they did not even have a serious exchange Even in the game they were mostly antagonists How could she say it so easily Like Brothers and women have been a pot of dog blood since ancient times so Wen Shaoqing was confessed without knowing it and then innocently had a rift with Lin Chen Cong Rong knew that he had sinned a lot Before he finished his graduate studies he fought for the quota of exchange students and fled abroad He was afraid that Wen Shaoqing who knew the truth would return to China to ask for punishment She only knew that he had a good relationship with Lin Chen that the intimate and tacit cooperation in the game was not something that ordinary friends would have and how much weight Lin Chen's phrase "my good brother for many years" had Fortunately no one asked her for punishment these years she did not even dare to contact Lin Chen she did not dare to understand the follow-up development of that matter But in the past few years when she was abroad her mind still remembered the first time she saw Wen Shaoqing the bookish and slightly black man and the first day she saw him the air still seemed to have the smell of sunshine The spring forest flowers are more charming the spring sun is more warm the spring breeze is more affectionate blowing my clothes open Cong Rong knew that the spring breeze of that day blew not only her clothes but also her heart The warm day is sunny and the wind is beginning to break the frost The willow eyes and plum cheeks have already felt the spring heart Zhong Zhen waited for a long time Cong Rong did not speak again he turned to look at the past in the gap waiting for the green light "cousin" Cong Rong suddenly came to his senses and looked at the car very seriously "It's a good car Who borrowed it" Zhong Zhen immediately beamed "not bad" I like it too My boss's! Zhong Zhen is a graduate student in medical school and Cong Rong thinks that those who can take graduate students are not young right "Why do old people like this style of car now" When Zhong Zhen heard this he was in a hurry "Not an old man!"! It's a very young professor! I'm not a few years older than you I'm young and handsome My professional skills are very good My knife skills are very good! The most important thing is to have personality charm! He went to medical school in North America Cousin do you know that medical school in North America is the most difficult to test! Cong Rong listened to be stupefied again just she also knows a person also once had been admitted to the best university in North America that is known as the most difficult to test the major China Chemicals Zhong Zhen raised his hand and waved it in front of her "Cousin" Cousin! What are you thinking Cong Rong came to his senses "Oh I wonder why such a powerful person is willing to accept you as a student" Zhong Zhen immediately jumped "Cousin!" "Ha ha joking" Cong Rong immediately put on a serious expression "in fact I was thinking How can you be a graduate student of this kind of person “……” Zhong Zhen decided not to talk to this cousin all the way Cong Rong looked at the angry Zhong Zhen with a smile and rubbed his head before turning to look out of the window The chattering boy was finally quiet She didn't mean to hurt him She just wanted him to be quiet because she suddenly felt flustered At that moment when Zhong Zhen talked about the professor she actually thought of Wen Shaoqing If Wen Shaoqing works harder it is not impossible to be a professor at this age right Cong Rong opened the window let the wind blow in to wake up said that when young can not meet too amazing this is really reasonable ah! But at Additives and Auxiliaries that time Cong Rong did not know that Wen Shaoqing's bookishness was caused by being punished for mischief when he was a child copying "Compendium of Materia Medica" and "Qianjin Fang" with a brush and soaking them in a pile of traditional Chinese medicine What else was elegant and profound gentle and modest gentle and delicate all of which were used to bluff people In the years that followed she had a deep understanding New Year Family Fun Fanwai Small Theater The first day of the Lunar New Year Jiang Shengzhuo's family and Ye Zinan's family waited in the box for a long time without seeing Chen Mubai Ye Zinan's son was young but his skill was full Jiang Yijin the daughter of the Jiang family was so amused by him that her little face turned red Jiang Yiyu who had been playing beside her suddenly ran past with a gust of wind He opened his hands to protect his sister and glared at the only son of the Ye family Jiang Shengzhuo a face pondered looked for a long time then took a look at Ye Zinan really do not know the Ye family this boy's temperament is with who Ye Zinan put the teacup in his hand on the table "What are you looking at me for I didn't teach you" Jiang Shengzhuo looked proud "did you take a fancy to my daughter" I won't agree if the betrothal gift is not enough! Ye Zinan took a slow glance at him and smiled without a word On this side Jiang Shengzhuo is still sitting on the ground to raise the price while on the other side Qiao Lexi and Su Qi are already discussing the details of ordering a baby After sitting for a while Jiang Shengzhuo bent his index finger and clasped it on the table He asked the waiter beside him "I said when will your boss Chen come" He didn't invite dinner did he Today is Chen Mubai's treat He owns most of the shares in this club On the first day of the Lunar New Year he doesn't do business Naturally those who can be invited by the boss are not ordinary people The waiter accompanies him with a smile and serves him carefully but he doesn't dare to urge Chen Mubai There is a reason why Chen Mubai did not appear When he was about to go out he put Gu Jiusi on the wall of the cloakroom to steal incense Gu Jiusicai's changed clothes were pulled in a mess by him and hung precariously on his body The white tenderness on her chest made him dizzy and the stimulating Chen Mubai kissed her lips and tongues as erotically as possible and his hands became more and more dishonest until Gu Jiusi was about to suffocate before he would let go of her and tilt his head to her earlobe