Qin Di Qin Di

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This time it was Anya's turn to be surprised she did not expect that Ye Yinzhu who had always been very simple

This time it was Anya's turn to be surprised she did not expect that Ye Yinzhu who had always been very simple could point out the key to the matter at once Nodded said "Yes it is here to settle down" I hope my people and I can become a part of Qin City It is and will be As long as Qin City still exists we will always be As the Lord of the city of Qin I hope you can promise us the right Catalystsa of permanent residence Let this be our true home Ye Yinzhu said quietly "Sister Anya are you trying to avoid Angel" With your strength not inferior to hers even if she finds you again you don't have to be afraid! On the way here today I saw a lot of your people With their help don't you and Angel have the strength to fight Anya shook her head gently "No it's not Angie" After all she is my sister no matter when blood can not be changed Although she has been against me I have never thought of targeting her I did not hesitate to give up everything in Milan and come to Qin City Avoiding her is only one of the small factors More importantly I hope to rebuild the Elves in Qin City in the Brenner Mountains Ye Yinzhu looked at Anya but the waves in his heart gushed out all kinds of thoughts Since knowing Anya in his impression Anya has always been a gentle big sister but at this time looking at her firm eyes Ye Yinzhu felt the responsibility on her body Especially in the depths of her dark green eyes the deep sadness could not be concealed at all Sister Anya before I promise you can I hear your idea first Or rather how do you plan to rebuild the Elves Ye Yinzhu asked He didn't promise Anya directly not because he didn't trust her but because he had to think more now We should consider the future of Donglong Bazong our own future and the future of purple Anya nodded at this time she has completely put Ye Yinzhu in an equal position with their own in the conversation not because he is a purple level eight strong and despise the young people in front of him Since listening to Ye Yinzhu's piano music for the first time Ye Yinzhu's status in her heart has risen to a status that only she can understand There is no limit to human potential But how many human beings can really use their potential Anya knew that Ye Yinzhu was one of them and behind him there was such a strong support from the Amethyst clan which was the greatest guarantee for himself and his people in the future Maybe I'm helping him now but one day the situation will be reversed Especially when the enemy hidden behind Angel appeared it was by no means what he and the existing people could resist There are 107 peaks in the Brenner Mountains After I came here the first thing I did was to survey the place carefully In the middle of these rolling mountains Only the place where Qin City is located has such a basin and the rest of the place is made up of high mountains China Chemicals There are forty-three of the outermost peaks Thirty-two of them are over 4000 meters above sea level and the rest are over 3000 meters above sea level This is undoubtedly a natural barrier to Qin City Guarding the Qin City like an iron bucket Ye Yinzhu nodded and said "Yes I've thought of that too" However the Brenner Mountains are remote after all and it is not easy to show them It requires a lot of resources "You're quite right" said Anya However Qin City is already the most suitable place I have ever seen You should have seen it when you came I tore down all the walls of Qin City Because that's not necessary That kind of low wall can't stop any enemy Do you know Quake Fortress Ye Yinzhu nodded and said "I know" He just came back from there! Anya said "The reason why Thor's Hammer Fortress can become the first orc fortress and the first mainland fortress is because of its terrain It uses the rolling mountains on both sides as a natural barrier and then seals the gap with the fortress" Coupled with the strength of the orcs themselves it took years of construction to form such a scale ” Ye Yinzhu mused "The entrance of Qin City from the direction of the Milan Empire is indeed very similar to Thor's Hammer Fortress" There are mountains on both sides and although the peaks here are closer they seem to be higher than the mountains on both sides of Quake Fortress "Yes" said Anya approvingly I didn't expect you to study these I'm just going to seal the Brenner Mountains Adhesives like Quake Fortress As long as it works Then the whole basin will become a new Qin City I don't know how many times bigger it is and the height of the city wall is more than 1000 meters At that time not only the area of Qin City became larger but also the ability to defend against enemy attacks increased invisibly It is entirely possible to achieve the goal of one man holding the pass and ten thousand enemies "Huh" Although Ye Yinzhu had guessed some of Anya's ideas she was surprised to hear her say it "Kilometer wall" How much rock how much manpower and material resources are needed! If you want to make a kilometer wall strong its thickness will probably not be worse than a mountain Sister Anya have you really decided to do this Anya's idea immediately reminded him of the Silver Dragon City which could only be entered by flying Anya nodded firmly "Time is not a problem" In the original Qin City there were more than twenty thousand inhabitants After I came here I took your warrant and put it back together By purchasing food and necessities from the plains of Puglia the people of Qin City no longer need to hunt for a living I recruited four thousand young and middle-aged people to become workers and began to build Qin City If resources and time permit perhaps in twenty to thirty years the perfect wall can be built "Twenty to thirty years" This time may not be much for elves but it is too long for humans like Ye Yinzhu Sister Anya are you going to use granite "Of course" said Anya Since the decision is to be made we must consider the defensive nature Not only must granite be used but also it must be thick enough Ye Yinzhu nodded and said "If that's the case someone can help you" And it won't take that long 。 globalchemmall.com