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PCS Bangladesh is the best professional cleaning services provider in Dhaka that delivers new cleaning services at an affordable price. PCSBD is not inexpensive but the quality of service could be better. They Clean and polish drinking fountains, Cleaning and highrise dusting Wipe mirrors

Professional home cleaning services:


We're pleased to introduce PCS as one of the professional cleaning services in Bangladesh. We give a complete range of drawing services to the high- rise structures,

artificial shops, services, supermarkets, political areas, hospitals, apartments, independent domestic houses, etc. Our cleaning labor force is well-trained and drawing outfit is rearmost. We use high-quality cleaning chemicals and polishes.



  • Cleaning and highrise dusting
  • Furniture Dusting/Vacuuming
  • Fixtures cleaning - A/C,Fan etc
  • Wall marks cleaning (Washable paint)
  • Floor scrubbing / Dry and Wet mop
  • Carpet vacuuming




Sofa cleaning services:

PCS provides settee and lounge cleaning services in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. As a matter of fact, the lounge contains fungus, bacteria as well as contagions from dust and stain. Therefore, your lounge should get gutted twice a time to keep your home healthy. Also, we clean, sanitize, and remove all spots from your lounge making it as bright and fresh as new. Indeed, our platoon will give consideration to every system and procedure, proper outfit, and chemical according to the kind of fabric or material. Eventually, during the cleaning process, the platoon will examine and estimate every detail in order to maintain the same quality of lounge or carpet after the cleaning.

Our Sofa Cleaning Method

  1. lounge Hot water birth
  2. lounge Sot- drawing
  3. lounge Encapsulation
  4. lounge Bonnet
  5. Sofa Shampoo
  6. lounge Sot froth carpet drawing
  7. lounge Vacuum marshland 

Toilet Cleaning Service:


Are you searching for a professional restroom or Toilet Cleaning Service? Do you want professional biddies to clean and disinfect your bathrooms? Well, leave the pressure to us. We're a stylish Cleaning Company in Dhaka and give drawing staff to do quality restroom cleaning in your manor, apartment, or office. Our cleaning staff is trained to complete restroom and restroom cleaning services to an excellent standard. Our professional maids use different strategies and drawing results for the receptacle, bathtub, restroom, and other areas of your restroom. We use specific chemicals which won't beget any detriment to institutions. Our drawing brigades work hard and we put into every trouble to measure up with your prospects.

Our Toilet/ Bathroom Cleaning Service Include


  • Dusting drawing all shells.
  • Altering the toilets.
  • Scrubbing and drawing the bottom wall penstocks.
  • drawing the light fittings inside the restroom.
  • Altering the shower bath, inside out.
  • Removing the blockages in shower heads.
  • drawing all glasses institutions.
  • Using special cleaning accouterments for removing stubborn stains.
  • Sterilizing Shining your cesspools.
  • Vacuuming Moping the bottoms.
  • evacuating the trash.

Professional office cleaning services:

still, We're then to support you, If you're looking for Endured and Professional Office Cleaning Services in Dhaka. Our Green cleaning system will make your office space beautiful and healthy. Your Office reflects your business image. A clean and seductive office makes a positive image of your business in your customer’s minds.

But, if you're tired of managing drawing your office, you just trust us and you concentrate on your business much more. Our Cleansers are educated and know what to do with a specific problem.

Following types of Office Cleaning Services, we give


* Office Floor Drawing

* Carpet Cleaning

* Mosaic and Tiles Clean and Repair

* Furniture Cleaning and Repair

* Office lounge, settee drawing, and form

* restroom/ restroom drawing

* Office Kitchen Drawing

* Vertical Blind Cleaning and Repair

* Office Window drawing


Professional storehouse services:

we have installations ready to handle your force chain, whether at the origin or destination. By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you profit from a flawless end-to-end result with smaller logistic service providers. Complexity is reduced, and you gain speed, control, and visibility.


A storehouse impeccably placed and connected to your sourcing areas can combine accouterments and goods export, helping you optimize your landside movements and vessel loads.

Our portfolio comprises clicked and non-bonded storages, installations located within free trade zones, and others near/ within anchorages for easy transfer to transport.


Professional cleaning service in Dhaka is a wonderful service company! The quality of 

the cleaning is excellent.  PCSBD is not inexpensive but the quality of service and peace of mind is worth the extra expense.