Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of cream pumps

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Cosmetic pump head is one of the more common packaging in cosmetic packaging, cream pump is one of cosmetic pump heads, but do you know the advantages and disadvantages of cream pumps?

Advantages of Cream Pumps

 Cream Pumps

  1. Anti-liquid leakage.
  2. Good sealing, strong corrosion resistance, good exhaust function, safety and quality standards.
  3. The product starts to pump smoothly, press to use, and quickly discharge liquid, just once.
  4. Good sealing, will not leak, and will not let other things enter.
  5. The dosage is uniform, it is convenient to control the dosage, and the effect is good.


Cons of Cream Pumps

  1. Sometimes the new cream pump rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, so that it will spring up automatically. The reason why it can be opened by rotating is to prevent leakage. If it still doesn't bounce after rotating, it may be that the cream pump head is broken and needs to be replaced.
  2. When the product is only a little bit left at the end, the cream pump cannot be pressed out. The tube is relatively thin and the pressure is not enough. This kind of upside down, take something again and then remove the pump head.
  3. When the weather is very cold, there may be some products that cannot be squeezed out by the cream pump.


How to massage cream pump

Some products use a cream pump. When opening, you can rotate the pressing head first to let the entire pressing head leak out completely. After pressing a few more times to discharge the air in the tube, the product can be squeezed out smoothly. The whole process is very simple. If you can't squeeze it out with one press, you can press it several times. I believe it will not be a problem for everyone. The cream pump not only saves people a lot of effort when using, but also has a good protective effect on skin care products, effectively preventing bacteria from entering the bottle through the bottle cap, ensuring the quality of skin care products, and the use time is longer.