Realistic sex doll robot syncs with app

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The robot doll's eyes are synchronized with the app, looking around and blinking in a realistic way.

A built-in camera is in development. The realistic sex doll's gorgeous mouth has a lip synchronization mechanism that ensures that the lips move according to the appropriate phoneme when speaking and allows for multiple expressions. This will revolutionize the way the adult industry behaves, change the way people relate to it, and change everyone's sex life.

She is the perfect programmable audiophile - intimate and customized to your tastes. Bluetooth speakers will connect to the Sex Doll AI app. Instead of answering the AI app from your mobile device, they answer from the Bluetooth speaker, which is embedded with a special skull cap that fits over the head of your realistic sex doll, providing a better experience.

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We don't have that much experience. what can a thick sex doll tell you? If everything is not clearly marked and because you didn't grow up in a sexy radio pod, you don't know where to go. It will show you a great way that won't hurt your self-esteem. In the future, you'll just need some time to get used to the idea of doll robots. They will love your personality.

Useful alternatives are designed to meet all our experiments and likes. Passive aggression to cover up sexual behavior is a classic technique used in intimate relationships. This practice exists in countless forms, including sudden headaches, moments of surprise before sexual assault, and emotional bribery, in which men and women refuse to have sex in order to secure the commitment or submission of their partner.