Urban Phobia Series 5: Strange Dreams

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Urban Phobia Series 5: Strange DreamsUrban Phobia Series 5: Strange Dreams

Fujio, Kyoko, and Hideyuki applaud nervously. Fujio thinks to himself, "Maybe this is just a madman. If we cooperate well, maybe we can really get away with it." Thinking about it, I couldn't help drawing a love on my wife's palm, which inspired the frightened and restless Kyoko. "Now I'm going to assign each of you a task. If you succeed, you can save another person. On the contrary, if you fail, another person will die for you. First of all, Xiuxing, come on, pick up the math exercise book in the package and tell uncle which grade it is." Mr. Game said seriously. Hsiu-hsing picked up the exercise book and said, "It's an arithmetic book for the second grade." Mr. Game said, "Second grade math should be easy for you in third grade.". I hope you are a good and diligent boy, because in the next half hour, you have to finish one to thirty pages of arithmetic, and you can't get more than five questions wrong, otherwise,ultrasonic cutting machine, your mother's head will have a hole and blood will erupt like a volcano. Hideyuki, have you ever seen a volcano erupt? Hideyuki shook his head in a panic, looked at the title in the exercise book, and glanced at Kyoko again. Mr. Game said, "When I say start, you can start writing. Don't be nervous. Now close your eyes and think about the arithmetic of the second grade.". Next comes the beautiful housewife, Kyoko's task. Come on,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, pick up the vice in the package. Kyoko picked up the vice and wondered about the relationship between her task and the vice. Mr. Game sighed and said, "Kyoko, I'm sorry to have to tell you this. You have to pull out all the teeth in your mouth within 30 minutes. You can't keep any of them. If you don't pull them out, your baby son won't see tomorrow's cartoon." Kyoko listened, the heart was shocked, looking at the hands of the black gold vice, looking at the side of the shaky and about to faint Xiuxing, Kyoko heart is cold. Can this feeling be described as "despair"? No, we must not despair at this time, because the fate of our son Xiuxing is at stake. Mr. Game looked at the restless Kyoko with pity and said, "It doesn't matter. You don't have to pull out those beautiful teeth. Your son will be born again." Erxiong saw all this in his eyes, and the anger in his heart simply exploded in his chest. He even forgot the pain on his ankle. When he was about to shout abuse, he swallowed the evil words that were close to his mouth, because he thought that before he got out of danger, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, he must not annoy the cold-blooded thug who shot at random. Mr. Game looked at Er-hsiung with his head lowered and said with a smile, "Er-hsiung, your task is even more difficult. Come on, pick up the gun in the package and I'll talk about your task." Erxiong picked up the silver short pistol in the package, feeling that it should not be a fake gun, he thought. Mr. Game said, "This is a real palm thunder pistol. I have loaded two bullets in it. You can open it to make sure and check it yourself. The meaning of loading two bullets is to give you a chance to fire a shot to make sure whether it is a real gun or not, and then think about how your task should be carried out. But if you want to save bullets, that's up to you." Then he said, "As the head of the family, you should hate me very much now. You may think how nice it would be if you could grab the gun in my hand and fight back."? Maybe you just want this nightmare to pass quickly, but you know very well that your wife and son are in a very dangerous situation, don't you? Erxiong nodded. Mr. Game then continued: "So, you are free to choose how to use the only two bullets in your hand. If you want to kill me, you can try later. Of course, you don't need to tell me in advance to shoot. However, if you make this choice, I will inevitably fight back, and maybe you will die faster." Although you have a good chance of killing me, if I don't hit you when I fight back, but hit your wife and son, you will regret it for the rest of your life, eh? Erxiong was silent, as if he were thinking about something. Mr. Game shrugged and said, "Besides, your job is to help me shoot when your wife or son fails to do the job, because I really don't have the heart to do it. Of course, if you just want to kill me, you don't have to do the job." "Well, if I really want to kill one of my wife and son, I might as well take a risk. So, before the results of Kyoko and Hideyuki's mission come out, I just need to adjust my psychological pressure and grasp the best time to shoot." Mr. Game looked at the thoughtful Erxiong, the trembling Kyoko, and the restless Xiuxing, and said happily: The game officially begins. The timer is 30 minutes. READY? GO!」 Refrigerator Postscript (2) Tingyu: "I'm leaving tomorrow night." Erection: "Does it snow in Tokyo?" Tingyu: "Probably not now." Erection: "What a pity." Tingyu: "That's it. I wish you can go to a good university." Erection: Huh? Right Tingyu: "Right?" (3) God calls his skill. Xiuxing picked up the mechanical pencil, quickly opened the first page of the math exercise, saw the dense addition and subtraction calculation problems, cheered up, and worked hard as never before. He had no time to be nervous because his mother's life was at stake. It may be a good way for a child in the third grade to grow up quickly and force him to count with a gun. But Kyoko is miserable. I have about twenty-eight teeth, but I have to pull them out in thirty minutes. On average, a tooth can only be dealt with in one minute. The mother of a child then picked up a vice and stuffed it into her mouth, picked up her front teeth and pulled them down hard,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but the front teeth only shook, but the pain made Kyoko burst into tears and fell to her knees. Kyoko! Erxiong was so sad that he went crazy, and the thunder in his palm was full of angry sweat. fycgsonic.com