Jian Hai Ying Yang-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

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Jian Hai Ying Yang-Sima Ling _ txt Novel ParadiseJian Hai Ying Yang-Sima Ling _ txt Novel ParadiseJian Hai Ying Yang-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

 Chapter 36 epilogue (/t/xt | Xiao/Shuo/Tian/Tang) In the eyes of ordinary Wulin characters, the best thing to do now is to immediately go to their respective places, wield a knife to kill, and retain the weak by the strong Death, do not need three hours, can be divided into victory and defeat, why waste more words, in order to confuse people? Only a few masters, because of intelligence and experience. Only then did we know that the importance of such "psychological warfare" is no less than hand-to-hand combat. To put it simply, this is because when the first-class masters meet, they are equally matched with each other, if they only want to suffer in martial arts. Struggling to win or lose is a very dangerous and uncertain thing. Therefore, before the action, be sure to be in the momentum, morale and so on. On the one hand, take the lead. In addition, because when the martial arts are practiced to the realm of transformation, the four limbs and all the bodies have become one with the mind, which is not like an ordinary one. Man's mind is separate from his body. For this reason, if we can give the first-class master a spiritual blow first, it is nothing. Weaken his martial arts in the form. With these two reasons, it is no wonder that Yan Wuwei and Luo Tingyu are both using their own "psychological warfare" tactics to ensure that they are in their hearts. Fighting for the first hand on the spiritual battlefield. At this time, the two sides generally do not win or lose, because both sides have noticed all kinds of problems, and in order to resolve or block them. Plug. As a result,water filling machine, the clouds of war and the murderous look filled the air, and it was time to make a real effort. Duanmufu suddenly laughed and said, "Yan Wuwei!"! I have just calculated and found that the trend of your defeat has been formed, even if it is high. Even if you are as vicious as you are, you will not be able to recover the storm that has fallen. Before Yan Wuwei opened his mouth, Xuan Bijun snapped, "Shut your foul mouth. You don't have to do anything else except talk." Someone does it for you? Duanmufu was not angry and said lightly, "This is called the use of stratagems by those who are good at stratagems and the use of force by those who are powerful. What is so strange about it?"? Let me tell you something Ladies and gentlemen, with strict and fearless deliberate planning,PET blow moulding machine, years of hard work to build the hegemony, even if he deliberately allowed me and Luo Childe to live, so as not to be lonely. Lonely. But he underestimated the people of the world. Only today's disaster of subjugation, imagine with his advantage, today's scene, should be. It's our side that is trying to fight for power. In other words, he should have a 70% chance of winning. But now we are facing each other. At this point, your exclusive villa appears to be a withered talent, leaving him alone, alone will collapse of the mansion. This situation alone, We can see that long before today, he has been unable to do what he wants, so we will weaken his strength and cause today's decisive battle. Her voice suddenly stopped, but what she said was like a huge stone into the lake, and the ripples on the surface of the water lasted for a long time. Scattered? Yan Wuwei gave a sneer and said, "If I give you any more reasons to refute your words, I'm afraid it will be tomorrow." I can't do it. His eyes, as cold as a sword, plastic bottle making machine ,water filling machine, swept over the faces of everyone on the other side, and he said, "Of course, this is the final battle." Hand. But if you come up with a challenge from someone in my position, I can also fight and decide to win early. Defeat. At the beginning, they didn't know much about him, because his opponent had made it clear that King Luo Ting was the commander in chief and could fight to the death with him. The war. But this little doubt disappeared immediately. It turned out that everyone was able to stand alone among Luo Tingyu's troops. There are a lot of people in the face. But at least Qin Shuangbo, Duanmufu and Master Guangwen are all enough to challenge Yan Wudao after Luo Tingyu's defeat. Duanmufu, with Shule Guoshi as the main general, can challenge any master. Besides, with Duanmufu's life experience, it is impossible. Because of the defeat of King Luoting, he retreated. Qin Shuangbo and Master Guangwen can do this. So because of the complicated situation, Cuihua City is here. On the one hand, there is no way like Duzun Villa, victory and defeat are tied to one person. Luo Tingyu's eyes involuntarily cast on Duanmufu. He wished he could stand up and fight, relying on what he had learned. Defeat Yan Wuwei on the spot. For one thing, the outcome was immediately decided. Second, revenge, as well as the revitalization of Cuihua City's prestige, is also there. In one fell swoop. But will Duanmufu agree? If she agrees, then in case Luo Tingyu is defeated, even if she still has the strength, also No more fog of war.. Therefore, judging by common sense, how can Duanmufu be willing to respond? Luo Ting Wang Siping also knew that it was in vain, so he quickly moved his eyes away. Light. In order to avoid Duanmufu's difficulties, it is not good to promise or not to promise. Duanmufu said, "Yan Wuwei!"! Facts speak louder than words. You are at the end of the road. Why don't you take the lead and vote with all your men? Down? If so, you can atone for your sins, at least you can save a lot of men. Yan Wu. "Nonsense!" He snapped! I have never met an opponent in my life. What you said is a child's view and an insult. What. In the middle of the conversation, an old man in gray came out with a knife and said, "My subordinates want to ask for orders to fight this one." Array. The old man had never appeared in the camp of Duzun Villa. Duanmufu felt a shock in her heart and thought, "It seems that Yan Wuwei is true." The hope is not to fight to the death with King Luo Ting, but to send the generals to battle one by one. Another thought suddenly flashed through his mind and he said to himself, "Yan Wuwei is the overlord of great talent and strategy in the world. He has managed a lot." Year, how strong the foundation is. Just like a hundred-footed worm, it is dead but not stiff. Could it be that since he had the ambition to destroy Cuihua City, Are there only a few talented people cultivated today? The answer, of course, is "no". Therefore, if we play against each other, we will fight one by one. Even if the result can defeat Duzun. Villa, but the price paid, must be very ashamed. Her surprise was no small matter, and her eyes were everywhere, only to see the old man who had been ordered to fight, dressed in a long gown and wearing a long knife. Look outside The table is very ordinary, and there is no special bearing in the face and expression. But in particular, Fang is the most worrying. Because such an opponent has no nationality. The name, the appearance of ordinary, is enough to make people do not know the depth, it is easy for him to take advantage of. Besides, he has a good impression of the enemy. When understanding, oneself can avoid the strong and weak,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, grab the system machine first. "Very good," said Yan Wuwei of the other side, nodding his head. 。 gzxilinear.com