Immortal Sword Body

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ImmoImmortal Sword BodyImmortal Sword BodyImmortal Sword Bodyrtal Sword Body

Evolution is different from advancement, which means that the spirit beast has not reached its own level of strength, thus breaking through the level of strength after the accumulation of spiritual power to a certain extent. Evolution, on the other hand, means that the spirit beast breaks through the original level and reaches a higher level. In this way, breaking through the advancement of one's own Mandarin orange is called evolution. Yan Liu Ma. It is a first-order spirit beast, and now it is advanced again, which belongs to the category of evolution. How is that possible! Although the sea does not return to the face does not change color, but the heart is already turbulent, waving, give a chance, evolution! This is definitely not the ability that the top-grade animal master can possess. Is it the legendary animal master who has surpassed the top-grade character? At the same time, Hai Wugui dug out his own imagination, and only in this way can he explain the action of the Qing Dynasty. Beastmaster, generally only upper, middle and lower three grades, character, in the world of Qingfan, basically once in a thousand years. It is able to control most of the fourth-order spirit beast's overbearing existence, even compared to the general sword king master, its status is not far behind, not to mention the top of the earth, heaven and emperor, Qingfan world is now fifty thousand years, there is no record. Think of here, the sea can not help but feel relieved. Also only then the moral character stays the beast division, can have evades his divinity to explore the fourth rank spirit beast, otherwise, really few third rank spirit beast can evade him Check. At the same time, the sea can not help but cold sweat in the heart, the fourth order spirit beast, but also so good at hiding. With this move, he will be killed. Just don't know this young resident beast division is from He Zong, but this is not what he needs to know, they just look for the powerful beast division. As for the origin, let the old guys have a headache. The lament of the burning horse lasted for a stick of incense before it stopped. Next time,bottle blowing machine, a strong momentum burst out. On the deck of the ship, there was a majestic. A domineering sound of anger sounded, and the red awn dispersed. The evolution of the Yanliu horse once again appeared in front of everyone. This "fire moon Luan" some can not believe their eyes. At this moment, the burning horse has grown to three feet high. The horse, red as fire, was covered with scales the size of a baby's fist. On this scale armor, there is a strong flow of fire spiritual power, even on its head. Also gave birth to a three-foot-long, crimson one-horned, almost enough to be comparable to the sword master's Lingwei came, so that Huoyue Luan could not help but retreat three times. "Yan'er, is that you?" Listening to the neigh of Ruolong Yin, Huoyue Luan could not believe it. Next Xuan, the spiritual power converged, and the body of the burning horse shrank to a degree visible to the naked eye, turning into the original size. "Shaping!" Hai Wugui was shocked. This is what evolution, why the momentum of the second order will be so powerful, and even have the ability to transform! "Yan'er!" Huoyue Luan doesn't care about these things. Instead, Edible oil filling machine ,juice filling machine, she jumped up like a little girl. Whew one A red streamer flashed, and the next moment. The inflamed horse, which evolved into the second order, reached twenty feet away. So fast! Not far away, Haiwufeng looked shocked and murmured. The red awn flashed again and returned to the original place. He lowered his head and arched toward the bosom of 6 Qing. Reached out a hand to touch its head again, 6 clear looked up and down one eye, satisfied way: "Shen Jun as expected, also do not waste the opportunity that I give you, later.". You are the second-rank dragon horse. Looked up out of a long hissing sound, this hissing sound with a faint inexplicable majesty, even if the sea no return to the sword Lord of heaven. The mind could not help shaking faintly. However, just then, a hundred miles away. Suddenly, there was a majestic sound of dragon singing, and the terrible power of the dragon was overwhelming. Through the emptiness of a hundred miles, it was still hoarsely suppressed in the hearts of the people. There it is! Hai Wugui looks pale. Some couldn't believe it. Do not eat to continue to code, sweat, get up late today, this month ticket. Alas. Double the last two days. In addition. On page. Voted to participate in the selection of China's most anticipated adaptation of the game network said. Do not kill on the list, do not need to register 6, vote directly, everyone go to cast a vote, after the game is not to play, sword ah, let the ten steps have a thought. The place is on the left side of the page. If you look carefully, you can see it! The red double monthly pass starts above! If you want to know what happened, please go to 6 muscle. More chapters. Support work. Support genuine reading! “()” [Chapter 80 of the main text, the beast master, the dragon is now! (Bottom)] Boom, boom, boom, boom The calm sea, at this moment, suddenly rose the hunting wind. On the sea, the blue water surged, and it seemed that the towering waves would rise in the next moment. (Thousands of years)-wWW. QIaNzaI. COm provides the latest chapter reading Creak one by one The planks of the boat made a noise, and the undercurrent hit the bottom of the boat and passed through the hull to the planks. Second uncle, what's going on? "Haiwufeng came to Haiwugui's side with some horror.". Without thinking, Haiwuguiyun picked up Jianyuan and shouted, "You have a good rudder. Change the direction of the sail and go straight to Xiyan Island." How to return a responsibility, just that is to do? "The fire has-Luan surprised track, beside her, now has become a dragon and horse of Yaner quite some frightened to crawl down the body, although at the moment it feels there is a light blood churning in the body, want to support it to stand up again, but the broad salty pressure is too strong, even if it now has earth-shaking changes, Still can't resist. Ang Once again, the sound of an amazing dragon sounded in the distance. At the same time, there was a shrill whistle of the sword. Heart a move, 6 clear eyes turned to the direction of the voice, before the three souls perfect. At that moment, my mind went into a state of selflessness. After that, there was a faint feeling that something would happen, so. He will follow the sea without returning to the ship. At the moment, it seems that something has really happened. Could it be, could it be that the legend is true? Hear the words of the sea without return, the sea without wind can not help Some trembling way. With a sigh,water bottling line, Hai Wugui said, "Yes, the legend is true. There is a dragon in the cave and the sea." 。