Royal elder sister Jianghu

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Royal elder sister JianghuRoyal elder sister JianghuRoyal elder sister Jianghu

"Miss me and look at the moon, no matter where, no matter how many people between us, as long as we look in the same direction, just like looking at each other's eyes." Look in the same direction, the same moon? Mo Jingyan smiled, as expected, young people know how to be romantic. However, this kind of "far away but close at hand" makes people's hearts very warm. The two men chatted about their past. Wang Zi told Mo Jingyan that she had been suspended for three days for fighting with a classmate who spoke ill of Mo Jingyan. She went to the airport to pick her up for the first time, but she walked through the VIP channel and waited for two hours without seeing anyone. She chased a car to see her walk on the red carpet, but she only saw Mo Jingyan's skirt and lost her wallet through the crowd. A series of things that made Mo Jingyan speechless came out of Wang Ziyou's mouth like a movie. Mo Jingyan could recall his memories and feelings in those events, but he didn't think that his lover was watching him in a corner at that time and did so many silly things in order to chase him. The memories at the moment were ironic but so warm. Mo Jingyan also frankly explained, in fact, from the beginning of Wang Zi's debut, Mo Jingyan has noticed her. The Heart. Mo Jingyan went to the cinema to see the movie "Enigma". On the screen, she was such a powerful queen. The actress was just a little girl in her early twenties, but the sharp look in her eyes would make people get goose bumps. At that time, Mo Jingyan was moved by her performance. Later, Wang Zi became popular again. Mo Jingyan would also pay attention to her news after work. As a result, many reports said that she was difficult, indifferent to people, and could not speak in a roundabout way, so Mo Jingyan's impression of her became worse. I didn't expect to go round and round and come together. Sister Mo, are you afraid? I'm afraid it's hard to walk in the future,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and I'm afraid I can never talk about our relationship. Mo Jingyan told the truth: "Fear, of course, some, but I am more afraid of your attitude.". I'm still afraid of falling in love, and I don't know what love can give me. If Mo Jingyan is beside her, Wang Zi would like to hold her and say to her, "Don't be afraid, I will protect you.". But the reality is that she can't even give a hug, so how can she talk about protection? "Star" once put on this coat is very difficult to take off, even if you retire from Jianghu, Jianghu disputes together, you can pull you out incognito. But Wang Ziyou's heart is still persistent. No matter what, Gear Reduction Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, I won't let you go. All I am is because of you. Words like "actor" and "star" are all earned by Wang Zi because of you. There's no point in losing you. So Sister Mo, no matter what happens in the future, remember what I said to you today. Mo Jingyan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled faintly: "Silly child, don't think too much. There won't be such a terrible thing." “……” But Wang Zi also knew that it would happen! The thing she had been suppressing for a long time would one day turn into a crater, erupting enough magma to swallow up everything she had worked hard and loved for a long time. The Heart. Gu Hongcheng, the director of Enigma, called Wang Zi again yesterday, but she didn't answer. Today she sent a text message: "The wings are hard?"? It's still easy for me to destroy you now. Wang Zi felt the whole body again. It's cold. Act 4 "Small again, I am in make rely on day drama period, no matter spread what kind of scandal you do not pay attention to, it is factitious hype entirely." The next morning, Wang Zi received such a text message from Mo Jingyan. It seems that there will be a bloody storm of stomachache. Sure enough, the media went to visit Yitian's class, in addition to reporting the poor conditions of the shooting location, the whole focus was on shooting Mo Jingyan and Anjie's opposite scenes. Wang Zi sat in front of the TV to see how uncomfortable Anjie was, always following behind Mo Jingyan, "Mo Jie" long and "Mo Jie" short, and also took the opportunity to lie on Mo Jingyan's shoulder like a spoiled child, laughing so hard that the flowers trembled! Chen Liqin is really a person who is not at ease. How can he pick Anjie to play Zhou Zhiruo? If I had known, when Mo Jingyan said he wanted to play Zhao Min, he should have strongly opposed her, so as not to block himself now. But look at Mo Jingyan's ancient costume is really good-looking, fresh and beautiful temperament is extraordinary, Zhao Min also has several scenes of women disguised as men, Wang Zi was surprised to find that Mo Jingyan wearing men's clothes is really handsome to the public indignation. Wang Zi liked her style so much that she downloaded the video of the TV station from the Internet and asked people to teach her the software for editing the video. She only edited the part of Mo Jingyan into a short film and transferred it to her mobile phone. When she was free, she took it out and looked at it. It was very pleasant. In front of the camera, Anjie showed that she was very close to Mo Jingyan. Behind her back, her company was hyping the news that Mo Jingyan and she were stealing the camera. Wang Zi hated it very much, but it was her own curse. Now she wanted Mo Jingyan to face it for her. She felt sorry for it. So I was even more upset. At that time, Gu Hongcheng was going to shoot Heart. In Enigma, Anjie went to recommend herself. She waited for Director Gu in the coffee shop for six hours before she came. Director Gu only chatted with her for 15 minutes and then left. She did not promise to give her a role, but she did not refuse. An Jie wants to win the leading actress, she has a strong feeling that this play will be popular! As a result, the heroine of the play was taken away by Wang Zi, who was unknown at that time, and became an instant hit. She took over the play and received advertisements. Wherever she went, she screamed. The media reporters wished they could throw all the microphones into her arms. Wang Zi also knew that Anjie hated her and was jealous of her. She said a lot of bad things about her behind her back. She was even more addicted to it on the Internet. She abused her official website and said some irrelevant words to black her. In Wang Zi's eyes, this Anjie is a completely immature brain-damaged person, really do not like to see with her, but did not expect that this time she went to Mo Jingyan there to bother. If she "said" something to Mo Jingyan,Micro Gear Motor, it would be difficult to handle. Unfortunately, the shooting time was too long. For three months, Mo Jingyan had to stay in that desolate place to accept the baptism of Anjie. Wang Zi decided to visit the class when she was free and hold Mo Jingyan firmly.