Rebirth my path of the Hokage

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Rebirth my path of the HokageRebirth my path of the HokageRebirth my path of the Hokage

"Hello!"! What are you doing! What are you shouting about? Don't you know the hospital should be quiet? This is, a seemingly tough voice came, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a drop of cold sweat on Kakashi's head. Chapter 199 Kakashi, it seems that he has really fallen. "Miss Oda Nobuko, we will pay attention!" I hastened to answer, in case I should get into trouble. Hum Nobuko Oda glared at me and then stared at Kakashi with a cold face. "What did I tell you before? I told you to wait for me honestly. Who told you to find someone to mess up here?"? Also, the hospital can not be noisy, others do not have the brain to know, you are not clear! Tell me what you want! Finished, this wench a word to the three of us together a lesson, I guess I give Kakashi a ah! I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Kakashi. Kakashi smiled and said, "Nobuko, I will warn them. It won't happen again." "Humph!" After throwing us a pair of sanitary eyes, Nobuko Oda turned back to work. Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief, probably feeling that the atmosphere was too awkward now. He smiled helplessly at me and said, "Well, Hitomi, go out and talk." In order not to involve this poor child, of course I agreed. At the gate of Konoha Hospital, Kakashi put the R-rated books that are not suitable for children into his bag and looked lazy again: "Hitomi, I know you came to see the play, but you really saw it. Isn't it cool?" I smiled: "What ah,uns c70600, rare to see, rare to see, Konoha's first technician to copy the Ninja Flag Mukakashi also afraid of people oh?"? How many jaws do you think this news will blow off? "You did it on purpose." Kakashi groaned feebly. I patted him on the shoulder and said, "I can't help it. One of them is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. I can't control it."! By the way, are you still late? “……” Kakashi was silent. Octagon probably couldn't hold back his laughter. He patted me from behind and motioned me not to bully Kakashi any more. I nodded. Kakashi, it's not easy, it's not easy! Oda Nobuko is definitely a tough girl no less than Red Bean, but to tell the truth,316 stainless steel plate, she is much more beautiful than Red Bean. "Did you get hurt last night?" I asked to ease the atmosphere. Kakashi stretched out his left hand and tied a few circles of bandages on his arm. There was a faint red blood stain. He was about to ask if the wound was serious. At a glance, the end of the bandage was tied with a big beautiful bow. Quack, you don't have to ask who it was! "Although some, what, some feminine dress, but I have to say, the bow is pretty.." I grinned. Kakashi's young and fragile heart was hit again, and he lowered his head for a long time without saying a word. Seeing his appearance, I also felt that I was too unkind, and then I put away my smiling face: "Well, the injury is not serious, right?" Kakashi stretched out his right hand and rubbed the white bandage before saying, "It's not heavy, and the treatment is timely." Kakashi suddenly stood up straight, turned to look at the second floor of the hospital, and said as if to himself, x52 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, "When she bandaged me, she seemed to cry.". Well, he kept calling me a fool for not paying attention to protecting myself. Hitomi, how do you think I should answer? "Eh?" I suddenly froze. Look at Kakashi's expression, focused and a little confused, really, am I really back to the old moon? "I haven't had this feeling for a long time. It's strange." Kakashi's voice is getting lower and lower. Like, like, maybe, maybe maybe, Kakashi is starting to like this feeling. In such a quiet atmosphere, the window on the second floor of the hospital suddenly opened, and the figure of Oda Nobuko appeared, shouting at this side: "Kakashi, come up and help!" "Coming!" The voice has not yet fallen, Kakashi's figure has appeared in the window, simply, simply faster than I use the law of space ah! Outrageous! Outrageous! The window closed with a bang, and I faintly heard Oda Nobuko's fierce rebuke coming from inside: "Turn over the window again!"! You can't take the stairs! Quality, do you understand quality? Next time I see you, wait for dinner and drink the northwest wind. Er, this, this bird is big, there are all kinds of woods, Kakashi is also striding into spring!!!! Just sighing at the birds, two yellow birds flew down from the sky and chattered on the shoulders of me and the star anise respectively. Lord Hokage summons, the star anise should be the accompanying guest, after all, Tsunade wants him to ask for nine additional personnel of the dark department. There are already a lot of people in the Hokage office, the head of the Hijikata family, the head of the Qianshou family, three generations, Tsunade, and the key is that there is a guy I haven't seen for a long time! "Zilai!"! When did Naruto come back? I asked with some pleasure. Zilai smiled and said, "How could I not come back after such a serious incident last night?"? I just arrived in the morning, but Naruto is still practicing in Miaomu Mountain. I also deal with things here to go back, that guy does not let me look sooner or later will cause trouble, Miaomushan is almost lifted by that guy, no less than the original time in Konoha! "Oh, I'm here for this." Only then did I realize that, yes, at a time when there is a large-scale shortage of talents in Konoha, the status and influence of Zilai, one of the three forbearances, really cannot be ignored. Moreover, as a good friend who has just received it, Zilai was probably pulled by Tsunade to help! "Let's talk about it later. Now we're mainly talking about the reorganization of Konoha's dark department.". This crisis is not small, the dark department directly lost more than 40% of the manpower, if not immediately replenished, Konoha's security and security work are greatly threatened. Moreover, Konoha temporarily can not provide too many people to supplement the dark department,316ti stainless steel, not no one, but not so many qualified people for the time being! So, I hope the two families still have pupils to provide you with some! Tsunade briefly explained the situation.