A boy in striped pajamas

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A boy in striped pajamasA boy in striped pajamasA boy in striped pajamasA boy in striped pajamasA boy in striped pajamas

However, there was one last thing Bruno had to investigate before setting out. That's the bench. For months, Bruno had been looking at the bench from a distance, calling it a "bench with a nameplate," but he never knew what the nameplate said. Looking left and right, convinced that no one was there, Bruno ran over and read the words on the nameplate as he looked. It was a small bronze medal, and Bruno read softly: "Built on.." The completion of "" Bruno hesitated. "Out to camp together," he continued, mispronouncing as usual, "June 1940." He reached out and touched the bronze medal, feeling cold, so he drew his fingers back, took a deep breath, and began his adventure. One thing he tried not to think about was that his father and mother had warned him countless times not to go in this direction, nor to go near barbed wire fences and camps, especially when "going out together" forbade exploration activities! Without exception. The little boy on the other side of the wire. It took more time to follow the barbed-wire fence than Bruno had expected; it stretched out for miles. Bruno walked and walked, and from time to time he looked back at his house, which became smaller and smaller,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and finally disappeared completely out of sight. During the whole trip, he didn't see anyone, he didn't find any place to go, and he began to feel depressed. The expedition seemed to be a complete failure. Although the barbed wire grew endlessly, and the small houses and chimneys gradually disappeared behind him, in fact, the barbed wire only separated him from a vacant lot. Bruno felt a little hungry after walking for an hour with great interest. He thought that today's adventure was almost over and he should go back. Just then,inflatable amusement park, however, a small dot appeared in the distance. Bruno narrowed his eyes and tried to see what it was. He remembered a book he had read about a man who was lost in the desert and couldn't find food or water for days, so he began to hallucinate. He thought he saw a great restaurant and a huge fountain, but when he wanted to eat and drink, everything disappeared, leaving only sand. Bruno now wondered if he had been in the same situation. As he thought about it, his footsteps took him step by step closer to the distant dot, which gradually turned into a small spot, and then slowly into a small piece. Soon, the small piece turned into a shadow. But in the end, as Bruno continued to approach, he found that it was not a dot, not a patch, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable bouncer, not a shadow, but a person. Actually, it's a little boy. The books Bruno read taught him that an Explorer never knows what he will find. In the vast majority of cases, they find things that have existed for a long time but are not known (such as the American continent). Other times, what they find might as well not be found (e.g. A dead mouse behind a cupboard). This little boy belongs to the first category of things, already existing, but unknown, waiting to be discovered. Bruno slowed down when he saw the dot turn into a spot, a patch, a shadow and a little boy. Although they were separated by a barbed wire fence, Bruno also knew that strangers should be treated with caution and approached carefully. He walked on, and soon they were face to face. Hello Bruno said. Hello Said the little boy. The little boy, who was smaller than Bruno, sat on the ground with a sad expression. He was wearing the same striped clothes as the man on the other side of the barbed wire fence, and he was wearing a striped hat. He had no shoes or socks on, so his feet were dirty. He had a star badge on his arm. The first time Bruno approached the little boy, he was sitting cross-legged on the ground, staring at the dirt beneath him. After a moment, he looked up and Bruno saw his face. This is a very strange face. His skin was almost gray, but not of any gray color that Bruno had ever seen. He has big eyes, the color of caramel, and the white part is very white. When the little boy looked at him, Bruno could only see endless sadness in those eyes. Bruno had never seen a sadder, scrawnier little boy in his life, and he thought he should talk to him. I'm on an expedition. He said Is it? ' Said the little boy. Yes, it's been almost two hours. Strictly speaking, this is not true. Bruno walked for more than an hour, but he thought it would not hurt to exaggerate a little. It's not a lie, and it makes him look more adventurous. Did you find anything? Asked the boy. Rarely "Not at all?" "Well, I found you." After a while, Bruno said. He stared at the boy and wanted to ask him why he was so sad, but he hesitated because he thought it might be foolhardy. Sad people, he knew, sometimes didn't want to be disturbed; sometimes they spoke up, sometimes they talked for months, but for now Bruno wanted to keep quiet and be patient. He had already made a discovery on this expedition, and since he was talking to the people on the other side of the barbed wire, he should take advantage of the opportunity. Bruno sat down on this side of the wire, crossing his legs like a little boy, wishing he had brought a little chocolate or a little snack to share with the boy. I live on this side of the fence. Bruno said. Is it? I saw the house, from a distance, but I didn't see you. "My room is on the second floor," Bruno said. I can see the other side of the barbed wire from the room. By the way,Inflatable indoor park, my name is Bruno. "My name is Himmler." Said the little boy. Bruno blinked and didn't hear clearly. What did you say your name was? He asked. "Himmler," the little boy said as if it were the most common name in the world, "what's your name?" "Bruno." Replied Bruno. I've never heard of such a name. Himmler said. joyshineinflatables.com